Belvedere Vodka Online Drink Buying Program

Belvedere Vodka is launching a new branded gift card program with BuyYourFriendADrink.com, Luxist reports. You visit the BuyYourFriendABelvedere.com website and purchase a gift card for any dollar amount. The recipient can redeem the gift card or a Belvedere drink at participating bars and restaurants.

BMW Bikes

BMW have released a number of new 2-wheel bikes. New models include the BMW Cross Country Bicycle.

The BMW Cross Country Bicycle weights 11.6 kilograms, and can be ordered in different sizes.

Full suspension with four-bar rear end. Frame hydroformed, BMW Design with integrated logo. With telescopic air fork Manitou Skareb Super and Manitou Swinger 3-way.

Izona CookSurface

Designed by Fisher and Paykel, the Izona CookSurface features a radical design. The CookSurface represents an entirely new way of looking at gas cooking and improving the user experience, a revolutionary combination of gas and ceramic technology. A flush, seamless black ceramic glass is the backdrop from where burners emerge for cooking and retract when no longer required. When the cooktop is not in use it has the visual discreteness of a ceramic surface, yet once functioning, it offers the power and functionality of gas cooking.

The House Diary and Directory

The quintessential luxury for the well ordered household - The House Diary and Directory from Mrs.John. This first volume organizes everything from one’s daily schedule to service providers, grounds keeping and food and flower deliveries.

This book measures 8" x 11" with exquisite details including hand binding, gilt-edged pages and Mrs. John L. Strong's 100% cotton archival quality paper

Levi’s ultra limited edition Red Tab mobile phone

Levi’s has launched the ultra limited edition Red Tab mobile phone. This cell phone features a red tab on the top, MP3 player, stereo Bluetooth and a two megapixel camera with flash.

Offered in a limited number of 100 only. Price 550 euros ($870).

Francis Bacon's Vulture Painting

Francis Bacon's painting depicting a man attacked by vultures may fetch a $70 million when it is auctioned in New York in May, Sotheby's said.

Bacon's 1976 triptych, painted while he was living in Paris, is being sold by a European collector who has owned it for more than 30 years,

Electrolux Inspiro Oven

Electrolux has launched the new Inspiro Oven that automatically selects the right heating mode based on the contents of the oven, at the push of one button. Inspiro uses sensors to calculate the precise combination of energy consumption and time needed to bring the food to the correct temperature

Pinel & Pinel iCase

Pinel & Pinel have launched iCase, a portable ipod speaker system built into a travel bag. The case features built in speakers made by Altec Lansing and come with a remote control. The case is made of wood covered with durable leather and feature pockets.

Perrier-Jouët By & For

Perrier-Jouët created an exclusive limited edition line of Champagne from their 2000 Belle Epoque vintage. The Perrier-Jouët By & For line is personalized for every buyer during a trip to the Chateau in Épernay. The buyer can customize the label and store their bottles in Perrier-Jouët’s cellars whilst the Champagne matures, only one hundred cases will be made.

Hermès Yohji Bag

Yohji Yamamoto has teamed with Hermes for a limited edition purse - the “Yohji” bag. The made to order “Yohji” bag is available in the Hermès boutiques Paris, Tokyo, NYC, and London. Prices will range from $6200 to $7100.

Porsche Design Bag For Women

Porsche offers this modern and spacious bag for women in precious skin. The bag feature various internal compartments with integrated keychain. Other features include a notebook holder and removable cosmetics holder. Adjustable belt. Lining beige. Dimensions: 40 x 17 x 33 cm

RIVA sunbed

RIVA reinterprets the classic garden ensemble with this sleek sunbed: straight lines, bright and rising above any type of weather. The robust HPL material is scratch-resistant, particularly sturdy and, even when close to seawater, also totally durable. The headboard is 6-way adjustable. The polyester cushion with a spot protection finish offers a high level of comfort and can even occasionally forgive a spot of rain. In addition it is still breathable, skin-friendly and naturally free of harmful substances. Available in white or grey.


WallyIsland is a mega yacht with all the comforts and amenities to live onboard full time, that is completely independent and self-sufficient, and features improved nautical characteristics compared to those of similar size yachts

Samsung robotic vacuum cleaners

Samsung Electronics has unveiled new robotic vacuum cleaners - VC-RE70V/VC-RE70 and stealth compact vacuum cleaner VC-B835R. The VC-RE70V has an integrated camera that keeps a record of the route cleaned.

Nespresso Crystal Edition coffee machine

Goldstriker International has unveiled a coffee machine with 3100 original Swarovski crystals with multiple shades. The Nespresso Crystal Edition coffee machine has an integrated detachable grill for the preparation of Latte Macchiato. It is priced at £1,995 .

Measurement: 22.6 cm (W) x 23 cm (D) x 23 cm (H)

Weight: 450 kgs
Power: 1260 Watts

Biblio fress-standing bath tub

Antonio Lupi designed Biblio's fress-standing bath tub for book lovers. The Corian rectangular-shaped bathtub features a book case, back rest, mechanical drainage, joint bath spout and overflow. The tub is made of resin and wood. Price $17,300!

Touchless B&O remote control.

Joris Van Gelder has designed a futuristic remote control for Bang & Olufsen. Still in development, the idea was to create a remote control for kitchen use. The remote is (mostly) touchless in order to keep it bacteria free. The remote responds to finger gestures.

Remote for B&O from Engadget on Vimeo.

Mesiro Merium Media PC

Mesiro , has announced Merium , a chic new media centered PC. Features include a 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo T5500 processor, 250GB internal HDD, dual-layer DVD burner, GMA950 graphics accelerator, WiFi, 5-in-1 multicard reader and compact MCE remote. This innovative Home Entertainment PC enables you to take full advantage of the Internet in your living room, as well as enjoying your music, photos or camera recordings on your flat screen TV.

CHARLOTTE MOSS : A flair for living

In an elegant volume, Charlotte Moss invites us on a lavish tour of every component of a home in A flair for living. From breakfast rooms to powder rooms, sconces to centerpieces, Moss shares her ideas on living graciously, entertaining with exuberance, and expressing refined glamour.