Philips Electronics' WACS700 Wireless Music Center

Philips' WACS700 is a sleek black Wireless Music Center that has the ability to convert audio CDs into MP3 music files, store them on a 40 GB hard disk (up to 750 CDs of music) and wirelessly (802.11g) streams music throughout the home at a 54 Mbps rate on to up to five Wireless Music Stations, at the same time.

The streams may be the same music in every room, five different music selections or any combination in between. The Wireless Music Center is built on Philips Wireless Audio Player (SAA7352) and Wireless Audio Server semiconductor reference kits.

Other features of the WACS700 include Built-in Ethernet for wired connection, Gracenote CDDB database, Six-line LCD and Up to five satellite stations can be added. The WACS700 has a suggested retail price of US$999