Stephen Sprouse For Chateau Marmont Collection

In 1991, STEPHEN SPROUSE moved into Chateau Marmont (LA) for a month but had no money to pay his bill when he was checking out. Hotel owner Andre Balazs agreed to let him off if he designed some apparel for Chateau Marmont in exchange. After years 6 original sketches by Stephen Sprouse , were found in the archives stored in attic of the hotel.

Some of the Sprouse designed pieces for Chateau Marmont did go into production and few have been re-issued - they're available at the hotel and also online

Stephen Sprouse is synonymous with the Eighties, the Indiana native worked with Deborah Harry and made Day-Glo colors a must.

Black harem shorts by Henrik Vibskov

Black harem shorts by Henrik Vibskov. The shorts are knee-length and have a low waist, with an extended crotch in the harem-pants style.

Mackage Trenches for Spring!

Mackage designs trench coats that are not only classic staples that will be a part of your wardrobe forever, but also offers a range of silhouettes and creative styles that will surely get people saying "I love that - who makes it?"

With amazing leather detailing, flattering belts, and perfect construction, a Mackage trench is the piece women will turn to in her closet, rainy day after sunny day in the coming months.

Pictured are best-sellers from the Spring collection - the short and snazzy Izzy, the pleated (and very femme) Jules, or the more traditional Ebony.

Hollywood's biggest stars are all wearing Mackage days for their perfect fit and sexy silhouettes: Blake Lively, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Rihanna, and many more.

Nespresso CitiZ, Citiz&Co, and CitiZ&Milk

Nespresso has announced a new range of luxury coffee machines , including the new CitiZ machines

This new range of machines – encompassing three different models - has been designed very much for the city dweller who is time poor and does not have the luxury of space for a huge coffee machine. This stylish range of machines is made up of the CitiZ, Citiz&Co, and CitiZ&Milk. The beautifully designed machines, inspired by the urban skylines of cities such as London, New York and Chicago, encompass ‘affordable luxury’, perfect for the busy urbanite who is always ‘on the go’ but refuses to sacrifice quality for convenience. The single CitiZ machine is great for fitting into small apartments and has been really well-received, whereas the CitiZ & Milk can make all manner of coffees from Americano-style ‘lungos’ to cold café frappés, with the attached milk-frothing ‘aeroccinos’ and the grand CitiZ & Co can make two coffees at a time – excellent for larger families and those who love entertaining and having dinner parties.

The Taste : Perrier-Jouët Vintage 1825, Perrier-Jouët Millesime 2002

12 of the world’s top wine and champagne experts flew from all corners of the globe to the boutique Champagne House Perrier-Jouët for the chance to taste 20 historic vintages from the House’s own cellars, including the oldest champagne in the world: Perrier-Jouët Vintage 1825.

The tasting also included the renowned “PJ 1874” – heralded as the most expensive champagne in the world when it was sold at a world famous auction in 1885.

The private event was organized in Epernay – Reims (France) to mark the future release of the House’s inaugural vintage of the 21st Century, Perrier-Jouët Millesime 2002.

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Zanussi EasyWater fridge freezer

Storing large quantities of bottled water can be a real hassle. They take up valuable fridge space and effectively reduce your storage options. The new Zanussi EasyWater fridge freezer eliminates the need to store bulky water bottles in the fridge with its 4 litre ‘in-door’ tank. This model also has another great advantage when compared to the rest of the market. The ingeniously designed lid on the water tank does not require any opening and closing when refilling. Just open the door and fill it up.

Zanussi EasyWater is A+ rated (saves 25% energy compared with equivalent A rated model), frost free and includes climate control amongst its superb features. It uses the latest interior design to improve the internal capacity and frees up more space than a normal fridge without increasing the exterior dimension. In fact is really is the have-it-all fridge freezer! Available from Spring 2009.

Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green

Electrolux has just launched the world's most eco-friendly vacuum cleaner in the UK - the Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green (rrp £159.99 – available April 09).

Shredded cars are the raw material for the newest Ultra Silencer vacuum cleaner from Electrolux. When most people think of recycling cars, they think of the steel frames and bodies or the iron and aluminum engines. But cars also contain a great deal of plastic in everything from batteries to bumpers.

Some of this plastic, once recovered, is the main raw material for the Ultra Silencer Green vacuum cleaner from Electrolux, the first vacuum cleaner on the market to be made with reclaimed materials. Making Ultra Silencer Green body with 55% recycled PP saves two litres of crude oil and 80 litres of water per vacuum cleaner. This means a reduction in energy consumption of 90% during manufacturing compared to producing the same components in virgin plastics. Also 90% of this model also recyclable. High performing yet very energy efficient too, it needs 33% LESS energy during use than other equivalent cleaners. It is also the quietest model on the market. For more information please see attached press release. Please let me know if you would like a high res image,

Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin Racing at the Le Mans 24 Hours

and Aston Martin, two marques bound together for several years in a similar spirit of innovation and an ongoing quest for perfection, are now shifting their cooperation up another gear. Jaeger-LeCoultre is extending its relationship with Aston Martin by becoming the official Watch Partner of Aston Martin Racing within a three year technical partnership. This association between two worlds with shared values reinforces the strong ties between fine watchmaking and fine mechanical engineering.

Ford Models - "Inside the Dressing Room"

Ford Models and Kohls have teamed up to build an interactive widget that allows you to create your own fashion looks inside a virtual dressing room with our very own “virtual model.” The Kohls catalogue comes to life. It is the newest online fashion technology to hit the web and we want your feedback. Check it out for yourself and get “Inside the Dressing Room.”

Vincent Cassel interview on Cinémoi

Exclusive! Vincent Cassel interview on Cinémoi this weekend

Sunday 22nd March

Check out Cinémoi (Sky Channel 839) this Sunday at 8pm to see one of France’s best exports, actor Vincent Cassel, in his most frank interview to date. Speaking openly about his marriage to the infamous Monica Belluici and commenting on his iconic roles, the César winning actor flies the flag for French cinema.

In an exclusive interview for Cinémoi, the star of La Haine, Irréversible and Ocean's 12, talks about his latest role in Mesrine, Monica Bellucci and his love of cinema.

The Interview

This hour-long interview offers an exclusive insight into Mesrine, the new two-part film about the infamous French gangster. Jacques Mesrine was a massive media figure in France, his criminal notoriety akin to that of Billy the Kid in the US or The Kray brothers in the UK. The film’s release was highly anticipated and did not disappoint, achieving great success both with critics and at the box office. Mesrine has cemented Cassel’s position as France’s shining star and led to an overdue César for Best Actor.

In addition to his experience on Mesrine, Vincent Cassel discusses his career both in France, from the ground breaking La Haine to the controversial Irréversible, and abroad, with hits such as Ocean’s 12, Eastern Promises and Shrek to his name. Vincent Cassel has given his full support for the launch of Cinémoi and uses the opportunity to reflect on French films in general, including those of his father Jean-Pierre Cassel, as well as Italian cinema and his relationship with actress Monica Belluci.

Nokia Passion Edition

Designed by Stuart Hughes for Goldstriker, the Nokia Passion Edition is an elegant handset boasting 40gms of hallmarked 925 Sterling silver handmade veneers complete with Sterling silver dressings with 60 beautiful Swarovski crystals.

Electrolux Oxygen

The Electrolux Oxygen is a high-performance air cleaner providing up to 313 m3 clean air per hour – more than enough to cope with the larger than average room. Because it is the quietest in the world it is ideal for use in bedrooms as well as sitting rooms or anywhere in the home where you want to improve the quality of the air. The Electrolux Oxygen combines active carbon for smell reduction and washable HEPA filters which remove 99.97% of hazardous particles as small as 0.3 microns. That’s particles up to 150 times thinner than an average human hair. This includes most of the main irritants and asthma triggers, such as mould, pollen, airborne allergens from pets and dust mites as well as tobacco smoke. With an electronic nose, this air cleaner detects when it needs to be switched on or increase its cleaning power. Available from Spring 09 RRP £199.

Deluxe Stratocaster Tables

The Deluxe Stratocaster® Tables are made of hand-selected solid maple and are custom stained and varnished with a slightly tinted finish to resemble the tone and color of a vintage guitar. All specifications are from Fender's very own Custom Shop. The six tuning peg caps are chrome plated steel disks and flush mounted. Lettering is silk screened on first then lacquered over for protection. The three legs are originally designed and chromed plated. Each table is also identified with a metal tag with a stamped serial number.