Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather shopper

Bottega%20Veneta%20Intrecciato%20leather%20shopper1.jpgBlack woven leather shopper with gold hardware and padlock detail. Bottega Veneta bag has two adjustable straps with gold buckles attached to two gold rivets on main body of bag. Bag has a woven tab closure, a padlock fastening and a functional key attached to strap.

http://thebosh.com/sp/archives/upload/2006/09/Bottega%20Veneta%20Intrecciato%20leather%20shopper2-thumb.jpg http://thebosh.com/sp/archives/upload/2006/09/Bottega%20Veneta%20Intrecciato%20leather%20shopper3-thumb.jpg http://thebosh.com/sp/archives/upload/2006/09/Bottega%20Veneta%20Intrecciato%20leather%20shopper4-thumb.jpg

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather shopper

Christian Louboutin Leather peep-toe platforms

http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/09/Christian%20Louboutin%20%20Leather%20peep-toe%20platform1.jpgPop Diva Mariah Carey has been working these sexy Christian Louboutin pumps on her latest tour, now you can get the Black leather peep-toe shoes with 120mm heel and a 20mm platform for just $700. Christian Louboutin shoes have a black patent toe and a signature red sole.

http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/09/Christian%20Louboutin%20%20Leather%20peep-toe%20platform2-thumb.jpg http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/09/Christian%20Louboutin%20%20Leather%20peep-toe%20platform3-thumb.jpg

Christian Louboutin Leather peep-toe platforms

Fendi Metallic pleated folded clutch

fendi%20metallic.jpgGold metallic pleated fabric clutch bag. Fendi clutch has a purse clasp fastening at top with silver rhinestones on one side and gold logo on other and can be folded down and secured with a press stud fastening. Clutch has a gold leaf suede trim and orange satin lining with small gold signature plaque on inside.

Fendi Metallic pleated folded clutch

http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/09/bk-thumb.jpg http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/09/fr-thumb.jpg

FK 87 Græsshopper chair

2836%5B1%5D.jpgFK 87 Grasshopper chair is designed by Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm in 1968 and original produced by Kill International Germany.

Lange Production is proud to have the exclusive rights to resume production of this unique furniture, which is timeless yet captures the spirit of the age. Furniture where design, quality and function form a synthesis.

The furniture is produced at the same factory and with the same tools used in the 1960s to make the original furniture. The entire production is carried out in close collaboration between Lange Production and Jørgen Kastholm

FK 87 Græsshopper chair

Model Co Blush


Create a long-lasting and radiant flush with this highly pigmented, lightweight and fresh, blusher and brush set.

2006 Loremo LS Concept

http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/09/2006-Loremo-LS-Side-Open-1600x1200-thumb.jpgBavaria is well-known for its innovative car-makers and Loremo AG is the newest of this breed. The company was founded in 2000 by Gerhard Heilmaier, Stefan Ruetz and Uli Sommer and is planning to introduce a small series of the first 1,5 liter (157 mpg) 2 + 2 seater onto the roads.

The Loremo is a lightweight vehicle whose development has taken a radical new direction: less is more and the most efficient use of energy is not to use it at all.

From this motive new ideas sprang which gradually made it into the design. Even the name Loremo – Low Resistance Mobile – speaks of its streamlining and economy.

http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/09/2006-Loremo-LS-Interior-1600x1200-thumb.jpg http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/09/2006-Loremo-LS-Front-White-1024x768-thumb.jpg

2006 Loremo LS Concept

Menscience Daily Face Wash

http://thebosh.com/archives/upload/2006/09/PG_10655.5021_ZM1-thumb.jpgStop using soap!, it can deteriorate your skin's natural, healthy appearance. This advanced liquid cleanser will leave your face super clean, plus it improves your complexion with Glycolic Acid and other professional ingredients that will smooth, soften, and renew your skin.

Menscience Daily Face Wash


Balenciaga Paris at Barneys New York

make kate aslen olsen the row.jpgTo Kick off Fashion Week, Nicolas Ghesquiere celebrated the release of Balenciaga Paris at Barneys New York. The new book catalogs the exhibition of the same name at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs reports Style.com.

"Barneys has been there from very early on," said the designer. "It's not a partnership, it's a friendship."
The party was the must-attend New York Fashion Weeksoirée and Ashley Olsen used it as an opportunity to test drive a piece from her forthcoming solo fashion line, The Row.
The fashionista wore a cropped navy blue and hunter green plaid jacket which was a hip and modern take on the 'boho' look she made famous.

30m.jpg 24m.jpg 22m.jpg ashlee mary.jpg

Le Cube


Nespresso has unveiled a slick cube with discreet buttons for coffee lovers writes wallpaper.

Key Features of the Nespresso Le Cube
Front panel of double-injected high-quality plastic (Arctic White) or aluminum (Titanium)
High-quality ABS body
Compact brewing unit
Easy capsule insertion and ejection
Programmable extraction for small and long cups with automatic stop
Cup-warming side plates (model C185 - Titanium)
Vertical positioning of drip
Le Cube Review

BeoLink Wireless 1

wireless_image.jpgBeoLink Wireless 1 makes possible a wireless solution that doesn’t mean compromising what you expect of quality audio. In fact, the CD quality audio transmission is unprecedented in a wireless solution. Bang & Olufsen has chosen a mature wireless technology that is very robust, can distribute audio to up to 21 rooms in your home, and ensures the same audio quality in all rooms.

BeoLink Wireless 1

wireless-06is-lo7.jpg wireless-06is-lo2.jpg wireless_image.jpg

Acne Jeans Apron front dress

Acne%20Jeans%20Apron%20front%20dress.jpgHere is great Navy apron dress from Acne. At the 170 GBP the dress features two wide adjustable straps that lead to the bust line. Button down front. Heavy pleats fall from the bust line creating a tulip shape on the button half of the dress. Two pockets sit on either side just beneath the bust line. The hemline falls to the knee.


Acne Jeans Apron front dress