The new Master Grande Tradition line from Jaeger-LeCoultre

In 2009, the Grande Maison in the Vallée de Joux is unveiling some extraordinary timepieces embodying an original symbiosis between the technological breakthroughs of the 21st century and a tribute paid to the finest watchmaking traditions. The design and creation of such a masterpiece naturally depends on the authentic mastery of the intricacies of fine watchmaking, a mastery that Jaeger-LeCoultre has been cultivating for 176 years. The new line is distinguished by distinctive aesthetics and the joint presence on each model of two complications interpreted in a manner that is at once historical and innovative. The two first watch creations in the Master Grande Tradition collection feature combinations of functions that are new to the Manufacture: on the one hand, the first tourbillon associated with a perpetual calendar; and on the other, the first minute repeater with a two-week power reserve allied with a regulator display. Moreover, this new line will welcome the first ever silicon escapement from the Grande Maison, stemming from the research undertaken in the Jaeger-LeCoultre laboratories and aiming to further enhance the performances of this complicated timepiece. This major innovation will initially enrich the yellow gold limited editions only. The undeniable gain in precision will be certified by a new “1000 Hours Chrono” label developed by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Zanussi says - Never clean your oven again

Oven Cleaning is one of the most hated chores in the home and is a task that is often neglected rather than tackled! But at Zanussi, the company knows that not everyone wants to spend their precious time cleaning the oven. That is why they offer Pyrolytic cleaning on our top of the range multifunction oven Zanussi ZYB594X.

So many people are simply not aware that you can buy ovens that can clean themselves until they look as good as new! Pyrolytic cleaning incinerates all grease, burnt on fat etc at high temperatures, leaving just a pile of ash that can be brushed away leaving the oven clean and gleaming!

Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs

Jaeger-LeCoultre is constantly conferring with experts, such as snorkelling record holder Patrick Musimu, about the relevance of its latest innovations. The Manufacture has signed a partnership with the United States Navy SEALs, the Navy’s elite unit of combat swimmers. To mark this agreement dedicated to challenging achievements, the Master Compressor Diving line is adding three limited series having a shot-peened ceramic bezel and engraved with the Navy SEALs emblem. The eagle brandishing a trident in its talons is a symbol of excellence for these extraordinary timepieces, the Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy SEALs, the Master Compressor Diving Chronograph GMT Navy SEALs and the iconic Master Compressor Diving Pro Geographic Navy SEALs.

Master Compressor Diving GMT Lady Céramique

Right from the time of their introduction in 2007, the Master Compressor Diving Lady watches signalled the end of the dilemma between performance and refinement. Active, sporty ladies can now adorn their wrist with a professional and highly reliable instrument, while not renouncing nothing of their taste for elegance. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ladies’ marineinspired line is now reinforcing the technical side of its nature by appearing clad in a new black ceramic case. Slightly larger and subtly slenderer, it accentuates the unique design of the Master Compressor Diving Lady watches. The designers of the Manufacture have teamed this innovative material with a black dial, the first in the collection, featuring a delicately contrasting effect that enhances the aesthetic equilibrium and the readability of the indications. The dial details are lit up by the presence of 16 diamonds set on the diving bezel. This harmony between form and function affirms the essential values of the diving world according to Jaeger-LeCoultre: the fascination of beauty and the assurance of peerless reliability.

Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrates the union of fine

The oldest and most delicate of the decorative arts no longer hold any secrets for the Grande Maison in the Vallée de Joux. Enamelling, engraving and gem-setting are a set of virtuoso crafts that it associates at will in its horological and artistic creations. A splendid embodiment of the love of fine details that has always characterised Jaeger-LeCoultre, the art of miniature enamel painting dedicates its absolute beauty to highlighting the watchmaking feats of the Manufacture – one of the rare brands to enhance its wristwatches with the full range of traditional fine watchmaking embellishments. In 2009, the artists of the Manufacture, who cultivate very special ties with this exquisitely refined ornamental technique, wished to present a full-fledged anthology of their talent by offering two exceptional series illustrating two traditional enamel techniques – grand feu and champlevé enamelling – on two famous timepieces in the Jaeger-LeCoultre collection: the Master Minute Repeater and the Master Grand Tourbillon

Atmos Birth Date for Jaeger-LeCoultre

The daringly innovative Atmos Birth Date embodies an idea destined for a fine future, since the Atmos clock, an eternally youthful young lady born 80 years ago in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshops, takes on a tender, mischievous appearance while losing nothing of its seductive appeal. While the horological icon with the almost perpetual mechanism continues to count off the hours and minutes of the world’s most eminent figures, it now turns into a wonderful gift when the time comes to celebrate a happy event and, according to a well-established tradition, comes in pastel pink or blue versions. For the first time within this rich collection, its base is adorned with the name of the newborn child that it will faithfully accompany through all stages of his or her life, because the Atmos movement continues to represent a challenge to mechanical laws and to the ephemeral nature of human accomplishments.

Art in enamel with Jaeger-LeCoultre: World exclusive personalization

In an unprecedented challenge, Jaeger-LeCoultre has made in enamel one of the most exclusive piece of art on the case of a Reverso watch, which can be worn on the owner wrist as part of a watch!! The swivel case of the reverso allowed its owner to decorate it and gives him the absolute assurance of possessing the most complete artistically decorated work one could imagine.

A private British art collector who owns an incredibly valuable Lord Leighton original oil painting called ‘Pavonia’ wanted to personalize his Jaeger-LeCoultre reverso watch. This piece of art, one of his most precious paintings, as part of his private collection, is rarely seen in public. (The last time was at the Royal Academy in celebration of Lord Leighton’s work over a decade ago.) He asked to the Manufacture if it was possible to have a duplicate of the painting recreated on the case of his favorite watch with an Enamel.

This is an incredibly challenging task with only a handful of artisans in the world being able to create such a feat. It took 120 hours for our master enamellers to complete it. In order to celebrate this truly unique item’s arrival the new owner has agreed to let exhibit both the watch and the original Painting in the George Tarratt show room in Leicester for one week in June.

With his enamel’s specialists, Jaeger-LeCoultre is nowadays one of the rare watches
Manufacture to offer one of the oldest techniques applied to watch decoration.

Nokia Royal

The Nokia Royal has brought together the subtle beauty and elegance of platinum, with the magical radiance of diamonds, and created an exquisite work of art. The handset sits quietly in its luxury handmade box made from Granite and the finest leather. There is no finer relationship than platinum & diamonds. They are pure, rare, and eternal. The Nokia Royal is a true celebration of your individuality. The Nokia Royal is going to be launched Saturday 31st January 09, in the prestigious Colette store in Paris. This will be a limited edition with only 50 to be made.

This stunning handset was tailored in Liverpool U.K. by Stuart and Katherine Hughes from Goldstriker , and it will also be available to buy online from their brand new website www.stuarthughes.com which will be launched in February.


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Be & D's Garbo

Be & D designers Be Inthavong and Steve Dumain have relaunched the Garbo ...with a few new friends :)! The satchel and portfolio have already been ordered by a number of celebrity clients! Retail prices range from $495-1390. The bags are now available on www.beandd.com