MT-01 Power Line Sound System


Pioneer has announced the MT-01, a new Sound System that transmits sound through household electricity lines and not conventional speaker wires – the MT-01 Power Line Sound System – will be released at the end of September.

he MT-01 allows you to plug up to six specially-designed Power Line Network Speakers into an electric socket in multiple rooms and hear music played via the Sound Station, plugged into a socket in another room. This means you can enjoy seamless, room-to-room audio throughout your home.

The household electric circuit acts as a sound conduit, ‘piping’ the music via the Sound Station from one electric socket to another, from one room to another. The Station can also be controlled by remote control via any of the large Network Speakers.

Whilst power line communication is not a new technology, we’ve applied it to the home audio environment where you can enjoy background music in multiple rooms, without having to add complex speaker cabling.

mt01_a.jpg plc-soundstation-up_medium.jpg plc-sound-station_medium.jpg plc-oval-up_medium.jpg

plc-box-up_medium1.jpg plc-box_medium.jpg