Electrolux Rapido

The sleek, stylish and powerful Rapido ZB406WD Cyclonic lightweight handheld cleaner now has almost double the power, is fully rechargeable and cordless and can be used on all surfaces – wet or dry - which makes cleaning up in the car or home a truly effortless operation. It comes with a crevice nozzle and dusting brush to reach every nook and cranny making it the ‘must-have’ handheld cleaner for every home, car or garage.

Price £39.99

Great, Grand & Famous Hotels and Waldorf Hysteria: Hotel Manners, Misbehaviour & Minibars

Great, Grand & Famous Hotels (RRP AU$79.95)

This book contains stories about great, grand and famous hotels sourced from history, legend and the occasional snippet of gossip. Take a peek inside and discover a treasure trove of famous or forgotten anecdotes. See the dramas unfold in lobbies, dining rooms, bars and ballrooms, or behind the closed doors of guest rooms and Presidential Suites. Marvel at those who made these hotels what they are: daring financiers, visionary owners, inventive architects, cutting-edge designers, devoted hoteliers and renowned chefs. Remember the great, grand and famous celebrity guests and meet the new breed of visionaries who are creating the great hotels of the future. Great, Grand & Famous Hotels, presented by Fritz Gubler, is a book for lovers of remarkable hotels.

Waldorf Hysteria: Hotel Manners, Misbehaviour & Minibars
(RRP AU$19.95)

Waldorf Hysteria presents the lighter side of hotels. This appealing book looks back to the first golden age of hospitality, with full page photographs from the archives, hotel etiquette advice from long ago, and quirky tales of hotel shenanigans. The book includes plenty of tales from today’s hotels so readers can judge for themselves. These stories cover all aspects of hotel life: room service; pets in hotels; celebrities and scandals; rip-offs and scams; unusual hotels; hotels as movie sets; hotels of future; and the things famous people leave behind.

Great, Grand & Famous Hotels and Waldorf Hysteria: Hotel Manners, Misbehaviour & Minibars