The Lucida

Touted as the first LEED-certified green building in Manhattan, The Lucida is a chic Luxury building at 151 East 85th Street. New York. Residences feature richly styled interiors by S. Russell Groves. Residents can expect a healthier lifestyle, exclusive services, amenities, and filtered fresh air. LA PALESTRA's Fitness, Wellness and Spa Center features sky-lit indoor pools and fireplace. The resident lounge is equipped with a catering kitchen for private events, while kids enjoy the adjacent indoor playground designed by Kidville, NY.

Meier: Richard Meier & Partners, Complete Works 1963-2008

Richard Meier is a master of light and space, able to adapt his style to very different circumstances and locations. The entire span of Meier's career, right up to his most recent designs for New York and Shenzhen, is included in this exceptional volume, created in close collaboration between the architect, the author, and the eminent graphic designer Massimo Vignelli. This spectacular monograph displays Meier's work in unprecedented size and brilliance, and features a preface by the noted Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza.

Prada Limited Edition Deluxe Atomizer

Prada has launched a limited edition atomizer for their signature women’s perfume, Eau de Parfum. The atomizer comes with a removable crocodile leather base. Only one hundred will be made and will be available from certain Prada stores.

sjal kura intuitif: nourishing cream

A new cult favorite, sjal kura intuitif: nourishing cream repairs dry, damaged, and mature skin. The revolutionary formula delivers vitamins and nutrients directly into the dermis, providing a higher level of hydration without clogging pores. The result is extremely soft, supple, and luminous skin with fewer signs of aging. Ideal for nighttime.

Opus Vivienne Westwood

The Vivienne Westwood Opus represents a piece of both fashion and publishing history. Created by Kraken Opus to celebrate the work and philosophy of Britain's greatest ever fashion icon, it is an epic creation telling an epic story. It is set to break records as one of the largest fashion books ever to be published.

The 198 pages showcase a selection of 97 unique never-seen-before polaroids (taken by the world's largest Polaroid camera and each measuring 50cm x 60cm) depicting of the names and faces that have charted the course of this seminal period in British fashion. Vivienne Westwood has provided her own words for the book in the form of her recent cultural manifesto, entitled 'Active Resistance to Propaganda';, arguably the most important piece of literature the iconic designer has ever written. It is the definitive document to her work.

All personally signed by Vivienne Westwood herself, edition numbers 2,3 & 8 of each cover design, are available exclusively through 20ltd.com. The no.1 editions will be auctioned for charity.


Premium handset brand BELLPERRE has launched a range of tailor made mobile handsets made from premium leather, steel, gold, hardwood and other fine materials, LuxuryLaunches reports. BELLPERRE phones are available in a leather palette of more than 200 colors. Leathers available, includes crocodile, shark, buffalo and calf. Each individual component is hand-crafted using high precision techniques.

Bennett Robot Works

Gourdon Bennett's Robot Works offers Robot Sculptures. Each robot is an original piece, constructed with found objects from garage sales, construction sites, and basements. Bennett's range from 14 to 25 inches in height, and take about a month to build.

Seen at Uncrate

WallyPower 64 Yacht

Wally has announced the WallyPower 64 Yacht, their 64-foot yacht. The WallyPower 64 offers can be ordered with engines that can do 43 knots or ones that can hit 50 knots. The range is just 300 nautical miles reports Luxist

AEG Santo 75598 KG

AEG has launched AEG Santo 75598 KG , a new luxury Fridge with 162-liter wine cooler with special electronic controls, a LED temperature display and a UV protected glass door. The Santo’s 78 liter independently controlled NoFrost freezer features a LED display, divided into four drawers.

Briton Antonio Berardi £1,800 Heels

Briton Antonio Berardi has launched a pair of £1,800 Heels without heels. They are available in gold , black or silver snakeskin. Celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman have picked up black patent version valued at £1,100 plus.

Lincolnshire-born Berardi, 39, said he was inspired by Latin American music and 1980s post-modernism, adding: "When you walk, it is almost on tiptoe. You look really dainty."

A spokesman for his Paris-based fashion house said: "The shoe has a bigger platform sole which stretches back further than normal and gives support under the arch of the foot."

EGG - Fritz Hansen

In 1958, Arne Jacobsen developed the EGG - for the lobby and reception areas at the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

For a special anniversary model, Fritz Hansen has introduced a beautiful and unique Egg. This Egg will only be available in a limited number of 999 Eggs. Each Egg will be numbered, a brief text about the Egg is printed on the back of the cushion and for those who buy the Egg we offer a book about the Egg and Arne Jacobsen. 999 books, i.e. one book for each Egg will be sent from Fritz Hansen.

Mojito of the Future

To celebrate 146 years of heritage, Bacardi worked with world renowned molecular mixologist Eben Freeman to create the first Bacardi Mojito of the Future.

Mojito of the Future uses Molecular mixology - the new avant garde approach to drinks that mirrors the legendary techniques of molecular gastronomy. Through reinventing, deconstructing and reconstructing familiar drinks then layering and intensifying the flavours - bartenders are now offering their consumers a brand new drinking experience. Using alternatives to the more traditional mixers such a purees, foams, emulsions, powders and even ice-creams along with equipment commonly seen in labs, hospitals and DIY stores these techniques have created a unique new way to enjoy cocktails!