Loewe Papelle 35

Inspired by the traditional paper shopping bags, the Papelle 35, is a surprising and unexpected interpretation of an everyday item.Made from soft and smooth natural calf, with zigzag details on the mouth of the bag. Interior lined in suede, in an elegant natural colour.With exclusive packaging, consisting of a specially designed box to keep the bag in, a booklet on the collection, with a text on the original inspiration and a special tag. Includes a leather long strap.

£ 925.00 

Reed Krakoff Alligator and Flannel Boxer II

Reed Krakoff Alligator and Flannel Boxer II - $5900

Alligator and Flannel
Black antiqued nickel hardware
Inside front and back zip pocket, center panel zip pocket
Front split pocket
Leather lined                                                                                       Height: 13IN Width: 16IN  Depth: 6IN

POLAROID Film PX 70 First Flush

To celebrate the beginning of a new era in the momentary pictures, Impossible Project present in limited Edition this film of PX70 First Flush color presented in cooperation with the Hong Kong based Milk Magazine. Packaging and Darkslide desigend by Filip Pagowski. Contrary to the traditional films Polaroid, very standard, Impossible films offer a new wide range of possibilities, and originals results.


Mode Creation Munich’s impeccably handcrafted luggage, handbags, and clothing have been beloved by tastemakers in fashion, sport, and entertainment for decades. This visual survey of the famed—and recently rebirthed—Cognac Visetos Collection presents the ultimate accessories for luxury travel.

The Piccadilly by Speake Marin

Since starting his own company in Rolle on the banks of Lac Leman in 2000, Peter Speake-Marin has grown into one of the most important independent watchmakers working in the world today. Infectiously-enthusiastic and very much the Englishman, Peter is a one man show in the making of the movement.

Black Fig Vodka

Phillips Design Group relaunch of Black Fig Vodka, the only natural fig infused vodka in the world. Black Fig is produced locally in Boston from select wheat grain, naturally infused with figs, and bottled by hand in small batches. Phillips developed the Black Fig brand including naming, brand identity, packaging, launch strategy/materials and website."

Byrne, Six Books of Euclid

Red, yellow, blue – and of course black – are the colours that Oliver Byrne employs for the figures and diagrams in his most unusual 1847 edition of Euclid, published by William Pickering and printed by Chiswick Press, and which prompt the surprised reader to think of Mondrian. The author makes it clear in his subtitle that this is a didactic measure intended to distinguish his edition from all others: "The Elements of Euclid in which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters for the greater ease of learners." Byrne is not content to trust solely in the supposed intuitive "logical" structure of Euclid's axioms and theorems – who doesn't know the first famous sentences of Euclid's Elements: "I. A point is that which has no parts. II. A line is length without breadth"? –, but translates them into colourful diagrams and symbols. He thereby thinks in terms of the school classroom: he compares his colours to the dyed chalks in which figures are drawn on the blackboard.

Cellex-C Age.Less 15 Skin Serum

The objective of Age.Less 15 Skin Signaling Serum is to help your skin cells behave as they did when you were a lot younger. The Serum creates an incredible youthful, silky texture to the skin and adds volume and resilience to flaccid, sagging skin. Non-comeodegenic, oil-free and fragrance-free.