The Concertino

The concertino is the first and only product for listening to music on your iPod in audiophile quality. The triode tube based amplifier and the exactly matching speakers are in perfect harmony with the iPod. No matter if you listen to a classical concert or modern music - The Concertino guarantees that you will experience a new dimension of sound.

What is unique about Concertino is the combination of highest quality sound, an amazingly small size and modern design. It is not a piece of technical equipment. Instead, it decorates the interior of your living room or your office. And the warm glow and the soft gleaming of the tubes is pure pleasure to the eye.

The Concertino is available in Germany at 3,200. Pounds

Maxalto room scents

Maxalto room scents

A Unmistakable aromas of jasmine and sandalwood, green suggestions of mountain tea, and intoxicating fragrances of tropical flowers represent the heart of the small, yet sophisticated collection of Maxalto room scents, which includes perfumed sprays and candles in satined glasses. Each candle and room scent are contained in a refined cardboard package, and the packages for each fragrance have been given their own specific colour. $22 from B&B Italia