Valentino Mink rose bag with lizard-trim handle

Bob Ellis, Charleston, SC is offering the Valentino Mink rose bag with lizard-trim handle for price: $2,350. The Luxurious handbag is sure to keep all your goodies warm this season.

Available at Bob Ellis, Charleston, SC, (843) 722-2515.

Sony MDR-SA5000 Stereo Headphones

AudioCubes is offering the Sony MDR-SA5000 Stereo Headphones with nano composite HD driver and 110kHz playback for $769. The headphones feature a 50mm driver unit that reproduces overflows sound, and 360kJ/ high magnetic force neodymium magnet that produce a powerful bass. High purity 99.9999% 6N-OFC litz wire has a superior signal transmission quality. Unit is light weight with strong magnesium body frame. An ultra stylish design plus a total comfort around your ears.

playsam 'saab roadster car'

perfect for a youngster's first ride, the saab roadster car is an activity toy for small children. it has a clean and simple design, like saab cars in general and is based on the very first saab, sixten sason's prototype 92001. this roadster was designed by ulf hanses and is not for children under 12 months of age.

approximately 3 ft. long, made of black painted and natural woods.


Murano Glass Chandelier

Produced on the island of Murano using traditional glass forging and blowing techniques, the Murano Glass Chandelier represents the grandeur of 800-year-old craftsmanship. Dramatic in its scale, color and delicate filigree, the design is a reproduction of a 17th-century Venetian-style chandelier, with scrolling leaf and flower motifs. The translucent red glass is luminous when lit, casting a warm glow appropriate to an entryway, dining room or bedroom. The intricacy and color of the chandelier is a fine counterpoint to the minimalism and material slickness of many modern spaces and provides an exquisite focal point.

Murano Glass Chandelier - $2,498