Balenciaga Perforated foam dress with water lily print

Balenciaga Perforated foam dress with water lily print is an exquisite showpiece that looks great look with towering heels. The foam dress features lilac, black and green print blossoms over the orange background. Round neck leads into a stitched front. High waist. The hemline falls to mid thigh. A zip fastening runs down the back. Short sleeves.

Toshiba ET20

Toshiba's TDP-ET20U is the optimum projector for users who expect and demand connectivity flexibility, usage versatility and performance at a tremendous value. With an integrated DVD player and 5.1 channel Dolby Pro Logic surround sound for true cinema sound quality, the TDP-ET20U delivers all the big screen drama, sound and excitement with extreme short projection capabilities. The TDP-ET20U can project up to a 100 inch screen image from just 3.9 feet away. Ideal for movie nights, sports events, video games, digital photos and business presentations, the TDP-ET20U all in one projector is a complete solution for mobile professionals, teachers, businesses, and home entertainment. Other features unique to the TDP-ET20U are its sharp and clear display with 1100 Lumens brightness, 2000:1 high contrast ratio, and widescreen format with adjustable aspect ratio from 16:9 to 4:3. Toshibas TDP-ET20U integrates the data, video and audio features necessary for flexible use such as business presentations, DVD movies, video games or viewing digital photos. The projector comes packaged in a sleek, black piano finish casing with one computer input one RGB 15 pin, one video input for composite, one S video, three component video via 3 x RCA, and one HDMI/ High Definition Multimedia Interface port. The HDMI port is an industry supported, uncompressed, all digital audio/video interface, providing an interface between any compatible digital audio/video source.


The young Gabrielle Chanel didn't wear a watch. She lived her life and her time as she created them, in the most naïve contempt of appropriateness and common practices: the hours didn't have the same length for her as for most people. She already understood that the watch, a key object in the century of speed, should be solid, ordinary, and fine. The post-war years confirmed her taste for large Swiss watches worn with white bracelets, which she often offered to her friends. Can it be a coincidence that she first wanted to live in Switzerland, the world¹s cradle of watch making, when Paris no longer recognized her, before making Lausanne her last dwelling place?

silodesign double walled glasses by romain gauthrot

silodesign has turned the sturdy borosilicate glass into something that looks far more delicate than it really is. each piece is mouth blown with a double wall, creating the striking illusion of liquid levitation. the functional characteristics of these glasses preserve the temperature of your drinks (or food); keeping warm things warm and cold things cold. the exterior wall stays at an ambient temperature for comfortable use. dishwasher and microwave safe.

available in a variety of sizes, the silodesign double walled series can be used in a number of ways: vases, coffee cups, cocktails, vodka sips, entrées, desserts, tea, and the list goes on and on…

Goroka Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

Nespresso have released a limited edition coffee for 2008 named Goroka. Goroka uses Arabica beans which were grown in the very humid and warm tropical rainforest of Papua New Guinea. Goroka is available exclusively from Nespresso stores worldwide.

kraft paper softblocks by forsythe and macallen for molo

kraft paper softblocks can be stacked, joined or used on their own to freely create and shape richly textured walls, or functional surfaces of varying heights and forms, for use as partitions, tables, bars, etc. kraft paper softblocks are available in sizes from 1' to 6' tall, and various thicknesses, and can be stretched open to as much as 20' (6m) in length.
all softblocks, of any dimensions, whether made of textile or kraft paper material can link to one another using their magnetic connectors.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Slim Alligator Folio

Ralph Lauren's Purple Label line has launched this classic folio. The folio can be used as a case for a sub-notebook computer . It is made of Louisiana alligator skin which is lined with calfskin with a single interior alligator card slot.

Cheyenne Studded Bag

Renaud Pellegrino Collection's luxuriously soft calf suede bag is studded with pewter arranged in the style of traditional Cheyenne tapestry. Leather tassels fasten the zip pockets along the side and chrome studs secure the handles. There are interior zip and pouch pockets and a tassel finished zip closure. The bag is lined with silver silky cotton. $3,012