Harry Winston Marquesa Diamonds Watch

This Harry Winston Marquesa Diamonds Watch is the ultimate in watch luxury. The dial is studded with 115 diamonds, case drop-shaped in platinum , bezel with 38 diamonds, sapphire glass with glareproof treatment on both sides, platinum set strap with 116 diamonds.

Quartz movement, indication of hours and minutes, water-resistant up to 30 meters.

Price , 429700 Euro

Christian Louboutin Studded Pumps

For Fall 2007, Christian Louboutin Shoes in varnished leather with studs . Price 590 Euro

Chanel pleated Bag in black jersey

For Fall 2007, Chanel's
pleated Bag in black jersey is a chic and casual day bag. Price 1650 Euro

Wild Bunch & Co Juices

Wild Bunch & Co Juices offers a range of healthy juices including vegetable juices filled energy boosting vitamins, the cooler hunter reports. This Singapore based company offers great packaging.

ThermaClear : Heat Enabled Acne Treatment

The handheld ThermaClear device available on sephora for $149, delivers a safe, controlled burst of heat that neutralizes pimple-causing bacteria for clearer skin. The safe and effective product, clears pimples up to 4 times faster than those not treated with ThermaClear. Simply apply to each pimple as you notice it forming. And the best part? Treatment time is only 2 seconds per pimple.

Ferretti 630 'anti-seasickness' yacht

Ferretti 630
yacht is being touted as the world's first anti-seasickness yacht. According to luxist.com, Ferretti's 630 features "Anti-Rolling Gyro" stabilizing technology that minimizes side-to-side rocking. The Ferretti 630 features a steel and aluminum motorized 154-pound gyroscope at the bottom of the hull.

Price 3.2 million

William Shakespear's autograph worth 2.5m,

An authenticate William Shakespear autograph is estimated to be worth around £2.5m, lussorian.com reports.

There are six known William Shakespear autographs :

• One on a conveyance for a house in London
• One on a deposition in a legal case
• One on his mortgage papers
• Three in his will

NEW MONEY : 50 Cent spends $2 Million on 6-Mile Journey

According to sfgate, "retired" rapper 50 Cent is set to spend over $2 million on a six-mile journey through London to attend separate performances at two award shows on the same night.

The star is performing at the Vodafone Live Music Awards in West London but is also booked for the MOBO Awards at the O2 Arena in Greenwich afterward.

The star is reported to have booked three helicopters, a fleet of SUVs and a team of ex-special forces.