Louis Vuitton Coussin GM

The soft and rounded shape of this sweet city bag suggests a little pillow. With a fresh and youthful spirit, the curved outlines are emphasized by sophisticated cowhide corners, golden hardware, and signature yellow-stitched shoulder straps.

Louis Vuitton Coussin GM

Rolls-Royce unveils 101EX coupe

Rolls-Royce today unveiled their new coupe concept, the 101EX in Geneva.

When viewed in profile, the 101EX is dominated by its 21" wheels, suicide doors and a c-pillar that could secret half the Tour de France from the driver's vantage. The 101EX also boasts a fiber-optic laden headliner designed to replicate the stars writes autoblog

Sony Reveals New Theatre System

Sony Japan has revealed a new Theatre Stand System that incorporates an LCD TV home theatre kit and DVD player all in one unit.

The RHT-G1000 is a combination home theatre-in-a-box product with its own furniture stand. The unit features left, right and surround channel speakers, with integrated twin subwoofers ('twin subs cancel any stand vibration.

The first product will sell for around $6,000 when it debuts around May 2006. Read More

Louis Vuitton Keepall 50

Louis Vuitton Keepall 50.jpg

Since 1924, the Louis Vuitton Keepall has been at the fingertips of the adventurous and the elite. Instantly recognizable by its shape and Monogram canvas, it is the standard for luxury travel.

Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 $805.00

iPod Hi-Fi

Apple Computer today, introduced the iPod Hi-Fi , the stereo for the new century. With several patents pending, iPod Hi-Fi features innovative acoustic design wrapped inside an astounding form factor. And as your ears will attest, good things really do come in small packages.

The innovative design of iPod Hi-Fi transforms consumer-grade materials into the ideal enclosure for high-fidelity sound. The high-end sound of iPod Hi-Fi pours out of a double-walled plastic shell redesigned for maximum stiffness to prevent vibration and resonance — two major causes of sonic imperfection


Melodie Large Square Bar

Melodie Large Square Bar. Beautifully blanketed in exotic fur with Austrian crystal trim, glazed alligator straps and insets. Hook and eye closure. Fully lined in suede with inside zip pocket and double pocket at wall.

Melodie Large Square Bar 2K

Louis Vuitton Compact Zippe

Perfectly matching the Monogram Perforation bags, this compact but highly functional wallet features an exterior of perforated monogram canvas and a colored microfiber lining that brightly shows through. Complete with two separate compartments, one for bills and credit cards and one for coins.

Louis Vuitton Compact Zippe

2007 Jaguar XK 4.2 Convertible

Following the World Premiere of the XK Coupe, Jaguar announce that it will be joined by the all-new XK convertible.

From the outset Jaguar knew it needed to create a convertible version of the XK and designed and developed it in parallel with the Coupe. The XK Convertible uses the same advanced aluminum body structure technology to achieve excellent body rigidity and torsional stiffness while minimizing weight: at just 3759lbs the new Convertible is one of the lightest cars in its competitive set.

A 300bhp (SAE), 4.2-liter V8 engine and Jaguar Sequential Shift steering-wheel-mounted gear change controls ensure rapid performance of 0-60mph in just 6.0 seconds (0-100kmh in 6.3 seconds) and an electronically limited top speed of 155mph (250kmh)*.

The luxurious triple-lined, fabric roof - which can be powered up or down in less than 18 seconds – when retracted it stows fully out of sight beneath an aluminum tonneau cover. A roll-over protection system comprising two 'hidden' aluminum hoops that deploy in the event of an incident is standard on all XK Convertibles.

"The all-new XK was designed from the outset to be a beautiful convertible. It is a statement of confident Jaguar design, elegant as well as powerful and with the performance and driving dynamics to match its looks", commented Jaguar Design Director, Ian Callum.

The XK Convertible will be available from spring 2006. Full details of the car and pricing will be announced later this year.

The XK Convertible is manufactured and assembled in a state-of-the-art production facility at Jaguar's Castle Bromwich plant in the West Midlands region of the United Kingdom .

Pagani Zonda F

The new Pagani Zonda F which will be shown at the Geneva autoshow. With a Mercedes AMG-derived 7.3L V12 engine under the hood you can touch it's top speed of 214 MPH much sooner than you think. Pricing is not released yet, but Pagini says it will be the most expensive roadster

Dior Homme Diagonal Vest


Dior Homme Diagonal Vest

Dior Homme Diagonal Vest

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Tom Ford will release his new fragrance: Tom Ford Black Orchid sometime this year/



Louis Vuitton Bedford

Louis Vuitton's ultra-chic Monogram Vernis line takes the train home for the weekend. The sleekly feminine Bedford bag, named for New York's toniest preppy enclave, is not for your average commuter.

Louis Vuitton Bedford, 1070

Kate Spade cantara espadrille

sequin paisley espadrille with grosgrain. 3.5" lacquered cane heel and leather sole. made in italy. item comes pre-boxed.

seen at luxist.com

Kate Spade cantara espadrille

Louis Vuitton Berlingot

Named after a candy from Carpentras, Louis Vuitton's Berlingot is a fun and original key holder that can also be used as a change purse or bag charm. The vibrant Monogram Multicolore canvas is trimmed with shiny golden brass hardware, natural cowhide, and signature yellow topstitching.

Louis Vuitton Berlingot , $240 @ eluxury

B. Fendi Patent Leather Large Bag

Crafted from a profusion of lustrous patent leather and featuring two grandiose buckle details, Fendi's large patent leather version of the new B. Fendi bags is arresting in its embrace of luxury. Fine topstitching enhances the bag's lavish look while two patent-and-brass shoulder straps top off the glamour.

B. Fendi Patent Leather Large Bag , $2000 @ eluxury


'Degustation' chocolates, by Pancracio,

Pedro Alverez's irresistible chocolate, creations are now available at Europe's coolest concept stores, such as Barcelona's Lobby and Colette in Paris.

'Degustation' chocolates, by Pancracio,

Louis Vuitton Cigarette Case

The most elegant case for carrying cigarettes. Finely crafted from classic Monogram canvas, a simple, rounded piece with distinctive style. The modern flap tucks neatly into a special pocket for discreet storage.

Louis Vuitton Cigarette Case $165.00

Ole Henriksen Express The Truth Resistance Face Creme For Dry Skin

This antioxidant moisturizer helps your skin resist the formation of new wrinkles as it works through the night to repair existing fine lines and wrinkles.

The crème is packed with nature's most powerful antioxidants like ester C and African red tea to help to calm and soothe the skin as well as fight off environmental aggressors and free radical damage. Dry skin will be hydrated, lifted, and protected utilizing a synergy of ingredients like all natural macadamia nut oil, a deeply nourishing extract that works to repair skin during the night and polylysine, a unique all-natural peptide that greatly improves skins elasticity and muscle tone which inhibit deep wrinkles from forming.

Express The Truth Resistance Face Creme For Dry Skin

Iconz for iPod with video

Xtrememac has announced, Iconz a new case that combines eye-catching artwork with complete protection for the iPod with video. Part of an exclusive collector's series, these highly durable cases feature pop icons that cover the entire face of the iPod with video and a translucent back. Iconz offer play-through control for the Click Wheel and built-in screen protection. Iconz come in a variety of officially licensed designs.

Read More

CD Motorcycle Necklace

CD Motorcycle Necklace.jpg

A silver-tipped black cord with a silver scooter charm drapes the neck in distinctive Dior Homme style.

* Polished silver metal scooter charm
* Adjustable black cord with silver metal tips
* Presented in velvet Dior pouch and silver gift box

CD Motorcycle Necklace $235.00

pina coffee maker by piero lissoni

simple but elegant, practical but classy, the "pina" coffee maker is the first contribution to the alessi catalogue by the young and authoritative italian minimalist piero lissoni. available in two sizes, this slightly truncated conical coffeepot is made of die-cast aluminum and comes with a bakelite handle. the pina has a luminous finish that is produced by a process that uses steel spheres to create a high gloss surface.

pina coffee maker by piero lissoni

Riga Black Balsam, from LVL2


Riga Black Balsam, from LVL2 is a liquor produced from natural raw materials. Deliciously different, exceptionally smooth and velvety on the palate, Riga Black Balsam opens a whole world of sensations with its 24 ingredients. Subtle hints of linden blossom, birch bud, valerian root, raspberry, bilberry, and ginger as well as touches of nutmeg and black peppercorn tease the palate and come alive in the glass.

Riga Black Balsam, was first made in Riga in the middle of the 18th century. The legend has it that Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, having fallen ill during a visit to Latvia, was cured after drinking Riga Black Balsam.

Riga Black Balsam is carefully prepared in oak barrels, which allow its characteristic strength and the slightly bitter-sweet taste to develop. You will feel elixir’s fruity aroma and its special taste with every sip. Enjoy it straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in a variety of cocktails.

seen at wallpaper


Juicy Couture White leather Ruby Tuesday bag

Juicy Couture White leather Ruby Tuesday bag . Price: $475

Available at Neiman Marcus, (800) 756-5784, and www.neimanmarcus.com.

Andy Warhol 365 Takes: The Andy Warhol Museum Collection

This "year in the life" of Warhol's artistic and social productions (was there a difference?) actually spans decades. More than 15 years after Warhol's death, his work retains an uncanny ability to make the most banal elements of American life sharp and subversive; these 365 full-page 91/2"×61/2" color illustrations, with pertinent (or impertinent), texts on facing pages) includes the movies (Blow Job, Taylor Mead's Ass), the silk screens (Mao etc.), the entourage (endless) and much more in celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Warhol museum (in Warhol's birthplace of Pittsburgh, Pa.). The Andy Warhol Diaries and The Philosophy of Andy Warhol are overdrawn on for the text. The illustrations are fresher and include early drawings; film notes and shooting schedules; photographs of Warhol's tape recorder, telephone and wig collection; and a magazine quiz filled out by Warhol. These are counterposed with reproductions of some (but not all) of Warhol's better known completed pieces, such as Campbell's Soup or Elvis 11 Times. However, the inclusion of "contextual" material like photographs of Brooke Shields or the Jacksons could have easily been replaced by more of Warhol's own artwork. While the range reproduced shows Warhol's extraordinary versatility in mediums, whether film, silkscreen, painting or people-collecting, no book can convey the shocking impact of his work.

Andy Warhol 365 Takes: The Andy Warhol Museum Collection

Dior 3D Bee Necklace Silver

3D Bee Necklace Silver.jpg

The iconic Dior Homme bee fuses a touch of nature with a wealth of sophistication in this modern necklace. A subtle silver-tone chain displays the double-layered insect for whimsical appeal.

Dior 3D Bee Necklace Silver $275.00

UNNA & CO Charcoal: White & Black


UNNA & CO's Charcoal: White & Black soap gently exfoliates dead skin cells and improve skin smoothness. Rice and Rice Bran oil are good sources of Vitamin E, Tocopherol, and Toctrienol, which are natural antioxidants. The Charcoal naturally detoxifies and enhances the complexion

UNNA & CO Charcoal: White & Black

Havana Sofa

Offering the island-like sanctuary of a large chaise lounge, the versatility of a sofa bed, and the storage of a cupboard, the Havana Sofa readily adapts to the complex demands of modern living. As a sofa, its deep berth invites easy lounging for a small group or cat napping for one or two. With simple pressure to the back panel, the sofa clicks open in a three-staged progression to amplify the lounging area. Expanded completely, it is ready to serve as a full-sized daybed or bed in which, with a turn of the body, armrests become the foot- and headboards. The seat base doubles as a full storage compartment (accessible when the sofa is upright), the perfect hideaway for bedding or extra seat cushions. The wooden frame is supported by a base of aluminum-coated wood panels. The storage section is composed of gray melamine wood panels. The upholstery is a subtle bouclé blend that has a soft hand and sophisticated texture. The Havana includes one large and one small cushion

Havana Sofa $2,998 .

Gucci Pet Baseball Cap

Choose beige/ebony or black GG fabric with signature green/red/green trim.
For small dog.
Hand wash.

Gucci Pet Baseball Cap


toasters by dualit

dualit toasters have been handmade in great britain for over 50 years. initially designed by max gort-barten, the toasters are rugged and considered some of the finest available worldwide. each toaster has an insulated steel body, variable controls, automatic turnoff, removable crumb tray and adjustable foot. slots are extra wide at 1.1"

$319 UnicaHome

Dior Skinny Tie with Flame

Dior Skinny Tie with Flame.jpg

Embroidered with a graphic flame, this rail-thin tie accentuates the slender Dior Homme aesthetic.

Dior Skinny Tie with Flame $130.00

Gucci Spring/Summer 2006 Handbag

Gucci women's handbag Spring/Summer 2006 from the new collection Spring/Summer 2006 The bag is made up of suede, leather, gold metal hardware. The bag features fading from silver to shiny gold for the signature GG’s.

Ritz-Carlton Spas to use Prada Skincare products

Ritz-Carlton Spas in North America will start using Prada Skincare products for a variety of treatments that include the Prada Exfoliant Visage ($250), a gentle glycolic and lactic acid peel; the Prada Radiance Visage ($250) a lightening formula that includes freshly mixed Ascorbic Acid in a fast-penetrating Bio-Mimetic base to lighten dark spots and correct irregular pigmentation and the Prada Reviving Visage ($375) which is a lifting, firming and re-contouring treatment with Bio-Firm Complex to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Read More at Luxist

Christian Louboutin Gathered multiband espadrille

Christian Louboutin gathered multi band ribbon espadrille. Moire.

Christian Louboutin Gathered multiband espadrille - $375

Valentino Embroidered Flat d'Orsay

Gold/brown/turquoise abstract embroidery.
Chocolate leather trim.
Flat heel.

Valentino Embroidered Flat d'Orsay $490


Breath Palette Toothpaste


Recently featured in O, Breath Palette is a naturally derived line of flavored toothpastes and mouthwashes. Available in a variety of tastes from fruity to exotic, reath Palette changes the way we view oral care – from a daily chore to a daily treat. With 32 sensational flavors you can be adventurous every day of the month or eventually commit to a favorite.


Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche is extending its current product range with the addition of a new 911 Turbo. The sixth generation of the 911 series’ top-of-the-range model will be celebrating its world premiere on February 28, 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show and will be available in German dealerships as from June 24, 2006.


Karl Lagerfeld

Born in Hamburg in 1938, Karl Lagerfeld emigrated to Paris at the age of 14. He was to go on to become one of the most celebrated designers this century has seen.

In 1955, at the age of just 17, Lagerfeld was awarded a position at Pierre Balmain, after winning a competition sponsored by the International Wool Secretariat (the coat he had designed for the contest was later put into production by Balmain). In 1958, he left to take up a job with Jean Patou, which gave him an invaluable knowledge of couture but apparently very little pleasure. After just one year, he quit to work as a freelance designer for such fashion houses as Krizia, Charles Jourdan and Valentino. By 1964, he had grown so disillusioned with the world of haute couture that he left Paris altogether to study art in Italy.

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Catwalk copy

CatWalk Queen

Slouchy white trousers will perfect your nautical outfit, River Island do a linen pair for £29.99. The classic white shirt is a wardrobe staple and another top tip for spring, wear it big a la MacCartney’s Shirt dress or team Gap’s white shirt ($38) with a Topshop Cummerbund for an instant catwalk copy.


Pure Collagen Face Mask

Purelogicol luxurious collagen-rich mask will release your skins potential, delaying the need for surgery. Skin is noticeably brighter & more radiant as the mask gets to work actively nourishing the skin with vitamins, anti-oxidants & natural sea fennel extract.

Pure Collagen Face Mask

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Grand Edition

European customers will soon be able to order a new Grand Edition of the classic Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen, or the G-Class, reports Edmunds

Produced in Graz, Austria, since 1979 with few major stylistic changes, the latest version of the G-wagen features permanent four-wheel drive, electronic stability and traction control, and three differential locks that can be selected by push button.

The new Grand Edition is available only with a long-wheelbase and a V8 engine. Buyers can choose from the G500, with its 296-horsepower gasoline engine, or the G400 CDI, with its 250-hp turbodiesel.


Million-Dollar Rocks

Bulgari Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
$1 million-plus

Million-Dollar Rocks @ Forbes

Dolce & Gabbana "Miss Superstar" Top Handle Bag

Exotic eel skin is adorned with goldtone "Miss Superstar" hardware and buckles.

Dolce & Gabbana "Miss Superstar" Top Handle Bag - $1550


set of 6 glasses, each with a different amount of rings on it, which enadles you to find your own glass.....anytime! Which hold 0.3l - Which
by Cheong + Nogtev + Jork Andre Diete

vipp 11 toilet brush

hand-made in denmark with classic modern styling, the vipp 11 toilet brush is solidly constructed and available in white, matte black, pink, red, orange, cream, and stainless steel.

vipp 11 toilet brush $149.00


cookware by marc newson


marc newson fuses high-quality materials and attractive shapes to make this charming cookware collection, designed by special request for tefal. the collection's unique construction provides advanced cooking performance using three layers of material: high strength 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum, and ferritic stainless steel. the 3-ply material gives excellent cooking results, with heat diffused not only in the bottom of the pan, but also through its sides very uniformly. the pieces also feature highly ergonomic "comfort in use" bakelite handles for perfect comfort while cooking.

cookware by marc newson

Luxurious Airborne Cruise Ships

Worldwide Aeros Corp, the Aeroscraft manufacturer and world’s leader in FAA-certified lighter-than-air vehicles, announced it has entered into an agreement with hospitality design firm Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG) for the interior design of a new generation of airborne cruise ships.

Igor Pasternak, President, said, “Worldwide Aeros is center stage in developing a radically new transportation infrastructure – Aeroscraft airships -- that will carry leisure travelers and cargos across vast oceans to remote locations. To design the interiors of those airships, we’ve chosen the world’s leading design consultant for the hospitality and leisure industries, namely WATG.”

According to Howard J. Wolff, senior vice president of WATG, “The Aeroscraft will revolutionize leisure travel. Our designs for airborne travelers will rival the luxury cabins of the world’s greatest ocean liners and will feature all the latest technological amenities. This remarkable new form of transportation will appeal to millions of retiring baby boomers who are interested in luxurious and unique travel experiences.”

A hobbyist's dream

The Whidbey Island Estate will be auctioned off on Feb 18 from 12pm. The lovely estate offers some of the finest scenery the Pacific Norwest has to offer! Set on 2.92+/- acres, this six-year-old contemporary home features stunning views of the San Juan Islands and Olympic Mountain Range – all from one incredible location.

Contemporary design with high 18- and 20-foot ceilings in foyer and living room
Open modern kitchen with custom cabinetry
Four bedrooms, including a Master Suite with Jacuzzi
2 1/2 baths

Read More

Dior Soft Lady Dior East/West Bag

Dior Soft Lady Dior East/West Bag $1,150.00

Topstitched with the cannage pattern (from the original wicker chairs in the first Dior showroom), Dior's lovely little handbag is utterly refined and elegant in shape and style. Polished silver metal Dior charms and two rounded leather handles top off the luncheon charm.


Valentino Lizard/Swarovski Crystal Watch

From Valentino, a gorgeous Swarovski crystal-studded watch in the color of passion: red-hot red. The rectangular face is balanced by a statement-making lizard strap textured to resemble shagreen. Stainless steel clasp.

* Strap measures 1 1/2" wide x 7 1/4" long
* Face measures 1 3/4" x 1 1/4"

Valentino Lizard/Swarovski Crystal Watch- $500

Sony SNC-CS50P intelligent IP-based surveillance camera

sonycamera snc-cs50p-thumb.jpg

Sony has launched the SNC-CS50P, an intelligent Internet Protocol (IP) based network camera. The device can detect unattended items and human movement with its Intelligent Motion Detection and Intelligent Object Detection capabilities reports New launches. It is the first in a new generation of Sony camera that carries out the image processing inside the camera. Sony’s Intelligent Object Detection feature is capable of detecting packages that have been abandoned and delivering this information to the control room. Intelligent Motion detection distinguishes between multiple subjects in motion and environmental conditions. The camera can be operated with power over Ethernet.

Walnut veneer lounge chair.

Walnut veneer lounge chair.

Dior Boy About Town Tee


With a nod to a notorious Brit rocker, Dior Homme's soft tee is artfully designed and attitude-heavy.

Dior Boy About Town Tee $160.00