Mulberry is making its Sunglasses debut for Spring/Summer 2008 with Cutler & Gross.

The collection showcases a small history from the archives of Cutler & Gross dating back from the bold block colors of the early eighties to rock & roll style of the nineties.

The sunglasses are all hand made in France and Italy and are iconic pieces. They are produced from Italian sheet plastic which are then tumble dried and hand polished, to create a beautiful waxy sheen which is synonymous with their style.

Five styles make up the collection and are all exclusive to Mulberry:

The Betsie, Jackie, Francis and Debbie come in both bright and neutral colour ways ranging from bright turquoise and fuchsia to navy’s and whites. A classic Aviator completes the range in striking gold titanium. All the sunglasses come with their own individual cases in patent coloured leather to compliment these different styles.

The retail debut is January 2008, exclusively for the Bond Street flagship store and will retail at £225.

Averna's First Ever Line Extension

Averna is introducing the first line extension in the company’s 140-year history. Focusing on evolving the Aperitivo and after-dinner drink experience, Averna now introduces three Sambucastraditional, licorice and citrus — and Averna’s very own Limoni, a lemon juice-distilled liqueur.

Sambuca was created in the mid-19th century and was named for the Sambucchelli” who were bringing anise-flavored water (the anise provided a stronger thirst quenching effect) to the peasants in the field. It is typically served neat or over ice as a ‘digestivo.’ In a blind consumer taste test conducted in Italy, Averna Sambuca took first place for the best ‘perfume’ and taste. Made of star anise (found on the evergreen tree in southwest China), a spice that is widely used in Chinese and Indian cuisine and beverages, Averna Sambuca’s fresh taste is a result of a unique blend of this special anise and spices.

Averna’s ‘Sambuca alla Liquirizia’ is a combination of star anise and licorice. Licorice root from Sicily has a powerful taste sweeter than sugar; when combined with the star anise these powerful tastes form a potent and invigorating Sambuca that is perfect for sipping neat or adding to coffee. Averna’s ‘Sambuca agli Agrumi’ is an innovative twist on the traditional Sambuca, featuring citrus fruit flavoring. The star anise is paired with tangy fruits to create an intense taste. All new products carry a suggested retail price of $28.99 and are 84 proof.

Limoni (SRP $29.99) is different than Limoncello in that it is distilled from actual lemons and lemon juice whereas Limoncello is a grain alcohol with lemon flavoring. The Averna ‘Limoni di Sicilia’ is a lemon liqueur that uses world-renowned Sicilian lemons to introduce a fresh citrus taste. The Sicilian lemons are unlike any other in that they taste and smell like Zagara flower, which covers the Sicilian landscape. The combination of fresh, soft taste and orange blossom flavor makes the Averna Limoni di Sicilia truly stand out.