Louis Vuitton Inclusion Bracelet

Louis Vuitton's "Inclusion" bracelet in resin and golden brass for fall 2007

Marni Paillette embellished bag

Marni Black paillette embellished frame bag for Fall 2007. Marni bag has a pewter metallic frame, a clasp fastening on top and and adjustable satin strap across top.

Dior L’Or De Vie

Dior's L’Or De Vie anti aging cream line in partnership with Château d’Yquem is available now. La Crème Yeux is designed to reverse the process of aging on the delicate, age-prone eye area.

Combi LX-720

"Combi LX-720" is a luxury stroller.

The Combi LX-720 features oversized wheels, two to a caster, that have suspension geometry tuned to absorb 96 percent of shocks, sensor for the wheel caster that "detects if the buggy gets caught in the door of a train" and option that allows the parent to adjust the temperature and humidity inside the buggy!

1964 Ford Mustang Convertible for $5 million

This great Ford Mustang Convertible sold for $5,500,000. According to reports this the first ever Mustang Convertible to roll off the production line. The coupe bears the tag of its build date of 9 March, 1964.

Diamonds in Glass

Diamonds in glass are handmade, unique pieces of glass with enclosed, floating diamonds by N.Marx. The concept includes stemware, caviar dishes, napkin rings, ashtrays as well as jewelry items like rings and bracelets. There are two main types: the pure, which has the diamond in clear glass, or the black edition, where the backside of the diamonds is embedded in black colored glass and the diamond has the diamonds against black velvet effect reports Luxist

Smythson Deluxe Five Drawer Jewellery Box

smythson offers this wonderful Leather covered jewelery box with five lift out trays, in new aqua leather.


• Beautiful and functional jewelery box covered in aqua Adamo calfskin.
• Lined in soft suede calf leather throughout.
• Removable trays.
• Solid brass lock and fittings, coated in palladium.
• Compartmentalized drawers to


, is an enormous and unique book with a print run of only 2,500 copies. The subject is Japanese photographer Araki, a man who talks about life through photographs. His powerful oeuvre, decades' worth of images, has been pared down to about 1,000 photographs which tell the story of Araki and comprise the ultimate retrospective collection of his work.

Known best for his intimate, snapshot-style images of women often tied up with ropes (kinbaku, Japanese rope-tying art) and of colorful, sensual flowers, Araki is an artist who reacts strongly to his emotions and uses photography to experience them more fully. Obsessed with women, Araki seeks to come closer to them through photography, using ropes like an embrace and the click of the shutter like a kiss. His work is at once shocking and mysteriously tender; a deeply personal artist, Araki is not afraid of his emotions nor of showing them to the world.