Fendi Chef textured leather bag

Fendi's Chef bag makes a statement with unique textured leather giving the piece edge - making it both functional and chic. The taupe large textured leather tote with a zip top has two handles, a plain leather strip around the center, a small zipper compartment on the inside and a large metal Fendi zip tag.

Fendi Short ‘target’ dress

Fendi's Short ‘target’ dress is a chic must for Spring 2008. The short ‘Target’ dress features a Grey mesh that covers the dress with a black under slip and a swirl circle black target that sits in the centre. Round neck. Sleeveless. The hemline falls to mid thigh.


EFFEN vodka, a smooth, balanced and clean tasting super-premium spirit from the Hooghoudt Distillery in northern Holland, is created following a 120 year-old recipe that was refined by a panel of top bartenders to please the vodka aficionado's palat. EFFEN is made from premium wheat, distilled at a lower temperature than other ultra-premium vodkas and pure spring water. This results in a crisp, clean taste that is perfect for contemporary cocktails or straight-up enjoyment.

Available in two varieties within the range, EFFEN's original unflavoured vodka (40% ABV) is complemented by Black Cherry with Vanilla (35% ABV). Natural black cherries form the flavour's base, added with fresh vanilla extracts which create a balanced finish smooth enough to drink straight up or as a complement to almost any mixer with the ideal level of natural sweetness.

4000 Champagnes

In this book, champagne is studied through its history, methodology, food pairings, and labels. With convenience in mind, champagne is tracked by listings, statistics, a glossary, and contact information for many producers. The author, self-proclaimed "Champagne King" Richard Juhlin, holds the world record for the most champagnes ever tasted. 9" x 10 ½".

Christofle Champagne Straws

A bottle of champagne is a lovely gift, but when paired with Christofle's champagne straws, it's a celebration. The chic sippers in Christofle Silver are gift packaged as a set of two

Christofle Champagne Straws The champagne straws are available in Christofle stores worldwide.


LOUIS VUITTON plans to build 10 New York-style stalls - in a stand against counterfeiting. The stands will sell authentic Louis Vuitton products, Vogue UK reports.

"We always thought that counterfeit requires zero tolerance for several reasons," Yves Carcelle, chairman and chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton, explains to WWD. "It's a grey economy that escapes all rules of normal labor and normal economic rules and taxations, so it's a bad thing for every state in the world. Secondly, it's bad for any kind of creativity, research and development, because if you don't protect intellectual property, why should people dedicate time and energy to create?"

Prada Trembled Blossoms Issue 02

Prada has presented a new episode of their animated film, Trembled Blossoms for Summer 2008. Prada Trembled Blossoms Issue 02 features the same nymph-like character and lush landscape as the original and introduces a butterfly, with a secondary metamorphosis, who changes into a pair of butterfly shaped sunglasses (from the new collection of Prada Eyewear).

Prada have one more version of Trembled Blossoms in the pipeline, this time for the Prada phone, which will also be presented in Tokyo in a few weeks, to coincide with the Japanese launch of the Prada phone, Wallpaper reports

TAG Heuer unveils partnership with car designer Ken Okuyama

Japanese designer Ken Okuyama has teamed up with TAG Heuer to integrate two Grand Carrera Calibre Chronographs in the dashboard of his revolutionary K.O.7 Spider, a perfect match with the avant-garde design, technology and engineering of this new high-performance and eco-compatible GT car.

The revolutionary K.O. 7 Spider combines refined materials and innovative technology in a thoroughbred design. Graphite, stamped aluminum and alloys make this lightweight car both powerful and extremely fuel-efficient. Its engine is powerful, yet low-emission, so that it allies speed with ecological responsibility.