Highland Park 50 year old

Highland Park distillery, creators of The Best Spirit in the World , has unveiled the oldest ever island single malt whisky - Highland Park 50 year old – launched exclusively at Harrods, London.

Marc Jacobs Bang

With such notes as black, white and pink pepper. Marc Jacobs Bang is enriched with masculine woody notes, while a base includes elemi resin, aromatic benzoin, vetiver, white moss and patchouli.

Steve Schapiro, Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver has long been regarded as a cinematic milestone, and Robert DeNiro's portrait of a near-psychotic loner gunman is widely believed to be one of the greatest performances ever filmed. Time magazine includes the film in its list of 100 Greatest Movies, saying: "The power of Scorsese's filmmaking grows ever more punishing with the passage of time."

Steve Schapiro—whose photographs were featured in TASCHEN's Godfather Family Album—was the special photographer on the set of Taxi Driver, capturing the film's iconic moments and actors behind the scenes. This book features hundreds of images selected from Schapiro's archives, offering fans a trip back in time to witness the making of Scorsese's masterpiece.

Boucheron JwlryMachine

MB&F has partnered with Boucheron to create the JwlryMachine. Using the MB&F Horological Machine Number 3 as a base, Boucheron created a special watch with special stones. The watch is made of 18k gold and titanium. The watches will be made to order and the price will start at $195,000 - with primary availability at Boucheron boutiques.

Comme des Garcons Cologne Series : 4 Vetiveru

Comme des Garcons Cologne Series : 4 Vetiveru is created from Italian Bergamot, Cardamon Oil, Nerol Oil, Vetiver of Haiti, Cedarwood and Musk. 235ml.

Leica M9 Titanium by Walter de'Silva

Leica has teamed up Walter de'Silva , chief designer at Volkswagen Group for a new camera.

The compact M9 camera features titanium skin, sapphire crystal screen, Nappa leather, diamond-texture grip surface and a shoulder harness.

The de'Silva-designed M9 Titanium will be available in a limited run of 500 examples, - $31,300.

Blaze by Yvonne Beever

Yvonne Beever trained in fashion and textiles at St. Martins School of Art. After a career in the fashion industry, she decided to concentrate her highly original talents on her passion for embroidery. Experimenting with different fabrics and different methods of drawing and painting together with her highly-skilled freehand machine embroidery, she has fashioned pieces unlike anything seen before. Juxtaposing the gentle, modest ‘WI’ image of old-fashioned needlework with a decidedly immodest choice of subject matter, her work has a cute wit and charm so often lacking in erotic art. Inspired by 50's ‘girlie’ magazine covers given a typically light-hearted twist, these 11 unique pieces have been created exclusively for 20ltd.com. Each piece comes framed in a hand-made natural oak and set behind glass to protect the embroidery, the width of the frame is approximately 13mm.

DAMIEN HIRST The Death of God 2009

DAMIEN HIRST The Death of God 2009