Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders has created a handpainted egg vase, based on the iconic original introduced by Droog Design in 1997 exclusively for 20ltd.com. The Marcel Wanders handpainted egg vase is available in only 50 editions.

iDiamond ear

‘iDiamond ear‘ is a new earphones offering designed by Heyerdahl jewelry. The iDiamond ear is made of 18 karat massive gold, set with a total of 204 diamonds, totaling to 1.65 carats reports bornrich

Thee diamond-studded iDiamond headphones will sell for $6,400 and they will be produced in a limited edition series of 1000 numbered pairs.

Brad Pitt wants you to “Make It Right”

Brad Pitt wants you to “Make It Right” this Christmas. Announced in September, “Make It Right” aims to build 150 residences in Katrina-ravished neighborhoods in the coming years.

Pitt, is donating $5 million. This sum was matched by entrepreneur/philanthropist Stephen Bing. He’s calling on everyone else to donate this holiday season reports psfk

Karl Lagerfeld Holiday Log

Designer Karl Lagerfeld has partnered with Parisian baker Lenôtre for a limited edition Holiday Log reports sybarites.org. The Holiday Log is a traditional French dessert eaten during the holiday season and represents a log from a fireplace. The Karl Lagerfeld holiday log comes in a mirrored box with an axe made of caramelized sugar. The cake is available by order from Lenôtre during the holiday season.

Burton Vapor Snowboard

Constructed of Space Age materials, the Burton Vapor is a super-lightweight, ultra-responsive snowboard. For this updated Vapor, Burton replaced the former fiberglass components with a new VaporSkin Carbon that improves the snap and durability while shaving away unwanted ounces. You'll also appreciate the new speed of the Sintered N20 WFO Base, the fastest Burton base that won't demand extra care and performance waxes at the end of every snow day. Burton considers the Vapor at its best on groomed runs.

Fendi Palazzo

With a modern and flamboyant composition based on orange blossom, Fendi's Palazzo opens with notes of mandarin, bergamot, lemon and pink pepper.

This luminous opulence crescendoes with orange blossom, sculpted by jasmine and Bulgarian rose, leading seamlessly into the silky sillage of patchouli and gaiac wood.

The bottle marries the baroque of the Double F symbol with the elegance and classic simplicity of the rectangular body, graced with a transparent rendition of the Palazzo Fendi.

More than a name, Palazzo is a metaphor for Rome and Fendi, an homage to the eternal city where every breath has an air of freedom, luxury and irreverence… just like a perfume.

Louis Vuitton City Guide 2008

Louis Vuitton has announced the 2008 edition of their popular City Guide . According to LVMH, Louis Vuitton's City Guide 2008 captures the essence of 30 European cities with a uniquely fresh and resolutely offbeat array of advice and suggestions. The new edition of the City Guide is packed with 7,500 distinctly original addresses, covering everything from food and fashion to the arts and design.

In this totally updated edition, some cities take a back seat while others come into the spotlight. The City Guide also welcomes several new cities.

Louis Vuitton is also publishing a new edition of its New York City Guide, first introduced in 2004 to celebrate the opening of the store on Fifth Avenue.

These booklet formats, packed with endless tips and ideas, are as easy as ever to slip into a bag or pocket.

The City Guide Europe boxed set and City Guide New York 2008, available in French and English, are on sale in Louis Vuitton stores and on the Web at louisvuitton.com.

TAG Heuer to launch mobile phone

TAG Heuer has signed an exclusive international licensing agreement to design, produce and market mobile phones signed TAG Heuer.

The first TAG Heuer-branded communications devices will reflect the functional excellence and avant-garde design that are synonymous with the renowned watchmaking brand. TAG Heuer has dedicated a special project team of designers and watch developers to the initiative for three years to create a complete range of custom-designed watches and accessories, all featuring the impeccable finishing details and unique functionalities emblematic of the brand.

The first TAG Heuer mobile phone is scheduled for commercial launch in the second half of 2008.