Bottega Veneta Liquirizia black bag.

Priced at 3240 €, Bottega Veneta's Liquirizia black bag is a chic way to carry around folders.

Neiman unveils 2007 Christmas Book

Neiman Marcus has unveiled its annual Christmas Book. The Dallas-based luxury retailer's catalog, first published in 1926, is seen as the "ultimate wish book" built on a reputation of exotic, fanciful and expensive gift options.

This year's catalog includes 160 pages detailing more than 400 items, such as a the NM Exclusive Prada clutches for $995 a piece and $7,500 Henry Dunay fish cuff links.

The Neiman Marcus "His and Hers" gift, one of the catalog's more famed traditions, is a $110,000 his and hers portrait by Vik Muniz, painted in Bosco chocolate syrup.

Sifas Kolorado

Mark Robson's Kolorado furniture range for Sifas, a French furniture company, is a sleek line with comfort in mind. The Kolorado line includes a chair, lounger, low table and stool.

Vertu Ascent Ti

Vertu's Ascent Ti is set for release .

Priced at $6,628, the quad-band GSM Ascent Ti features a 3MP camera and 3G

Along with that is Vertu's 24-hour concierge service, automatic backups of your contacts and calendar to a network that is housed in an ex-military bunker, and three ringtones created by David Arnold.

Anita Delgado's Jewels to be auctioned

Anita Delgado's jewels are to be auctioned in London, auction house Christie's said Monday.

Anita Delgado was the fifth wife of a wealthy Indian maharaja

The eight pieces of jewelery, described by Christie's as consisting predominantly of art deco pieces, will be sold on December 12 and are expected to fetch more than 200,000 pounds (287,000 euros, 408,000 dollars).

The auctioneers estimated that a single emerald, diamond and rock crystal necklace will on its own draw bids up to 100,000 pounds.

priciest Megayachts for charter

Forbes Traveler list the priciest Megayachts for charter

The Christina O $422,000/wk
The O'Mega $446,080/wk
The Alysia $912,079/wk
The Turama $868,644/wk
The Leander $571,200/wk
The Lubecker Flender 40 $868,644/wk
The Princess Mariana $824,840/wk
The Rm Elegant $618,800/wk
The Indian Empress $700,000/wk

Placido Domingo Set to Drive BMW Hydrogen 7

The first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan - BMW Hydrogen 7 - will go to World-renowned opera singer- conductor Placido Domingo , BMW announced.

Domingo joins several other preeminent figures in entertainment, government, the environment and more, as the latest person to drive the BMW Hydrogen 7 on U.S. roadways as a part of the BMW Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program, designed to help the company in its mission to build widespread support of hydrogen as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

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Peureux PERFECT 1864 Vodka

Touted as the purest and smoothest vodka in the world, Peureux's Perfect 1864 is made exclusively from "froment", a soft bread wheat grown on the rich plains of Brie-Champagne. The grain is crushed, fermented and distilled multiple times locally according to an exclusive process. The clear spirit is then matured by the Master Distillers who are heirs to age old traditions. This spirit undergoes only a very light filtering due to its extreme purity while preserving its natural character. It is then enriched with the legendary Vosges water, drawn from springs in the depths of the Ballons des Vosges natural preserve. Perfect 1864 is filled in a sleek, contemporary bottle bearing the crest of a fleur de lis. .

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