Chanel Le Vernis

Chanel Le Vernis - Classic and trend-defining shades from the runways of Paris. State-of-the-art formula strengthens and moisturizes nails as it delivers long-wearing, high-shine, chip-resistant colour. Applies evenly without streaking.

Chanel Rogue Allure

Chanel Rogue Allure - An instant icon, this luxurious lipstick formula combines lustrous colour, sensational comfort and fabulous wear. Purely CHANEL: the subtly etched, world-renowned logo, and an elegant click-open case that provides a most glamorous effect when applying colour.

Neo Rauch

Bursting with radiant and unsettling juxtapositions, Neo Rauch’s paintings are wormholes into worlds of startling psychological power and cultural collisions. His scenes involve the viewer in a history that is at once mythic, intimate, and present. Through a deep consideration of philosophy, art history, literature, and his own dreamscape, Rauch’s paintings depict the precipices of progress and the struggles of communication. Electrified by their rich palettes, Rauch’s fragmented landscapes and timeless characters dance between pop and baroque, social and psychological, graphic and painterly.

Born in Leipzig in 1960, Rauch learned his trade behind the Iron Curtain. His influences and interests were shaped by personal hardship and the tumultuous changes of East Germany after the Wall fell. In the late 1980s, having finished his studies at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig under Arno Rink and Bernhard Heisig, he explored diverse approaches to painting in dialogue with works he encountered by Francis Bacon, the New Wild painters, and the pre-Renaissance painters he saw during his travels in Italy. By 1993, he had arrived at the unique style of intertwining figuration and abstraction that characterizes his oeuvre and has brought him international attention and respect.

Only a book of truly epic scale could begin to unpack the emotional, historical, and formal density of Rauch’s canvases. Comprising over 450 pages, including more than 250 large-scale reproductions, this monograph is the most inclusive collection of his work to date. It offers a generous range of writings that illuminate the personal, symbolic, and formal complexities of Rauch’s world. Wolfgang B├╝scher’s open and sensitive account of a walk through Rauch’s neighborhood reveals the painter’s compassion and modesty. Harald Kunde tracks Rauch’s stylistic development through its main semantic threads and historical influences. Gary Tinterow draws from his work on Rauch’s exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum to offer the reader a guide to the symbols that form the painter’s extensive mythology. These essays complement Rauch’s work with nuanced insights while allowing the images room to speak on their own. Within this atlas, readers will discover the rich density and enigmatic openness of Rauch’s paintings.

Fendi Brushed Python Tote

Fendi Peek-a-Boo Tote made of gray brown brushed python. The Brushed Python Tote has an optional detachable shoulder strap added to it and is available exclusively from Fendi stores in limited quantities.

Strand Craft 166 yacht

Stand Craft 166 is a modern yacht with a high-horsepower supercar in the aft. The machine featues a 620-horsepower V8, and Stand Craft claims that the vehicle has a top speed of 189 mph.

Each of the suites is loaded with 52-inch flat-screen television with iPad controls.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Volkswagen Commercial

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld stars in a commercial for special editions of Volkswagen’s Polo and Golf models.

The Volkswagen Polo/Golf x STYLE pack features a set of lightweight alloy rims, fog lamps, privacy glass as well as STYLE badging.

Royal Crown Derby ‘Imari’ pattern pet bowls by Peter Ting

Peter Ting deconstructs traditional Royal Crown Derby ‘Imari’ patterns and reassembles them into a contemporary collage. He works on the factory floor and personally creates each piece like a tailor - joining, matching, overlapping pattern upon pattern, colour against colour. Each piece may take up to 6 firings to achieve the desired depth of colour and vibrancy. He signs each piece (together with Royal Crown Derby Chairman Hugh Gibson), and after the final firing, all the 22 ct gold is burnished by hand ( a painstaking and labor intensive task, where all the gold is rubbed with damp silica sand, transforming the dull gold into a lustrous gleaming gilding). These seven individual one-off pieces have been created exclusively by Peter for 20ltd.com.

VALENTINO Silk muslin dress

VALENTINO Silk muslin dress, flowers print, silk lining, belt, zip

Ultra feminine resort collection for Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli who revisit the 60s style, silk, lace, frills, flowers (garden print or embroidered) but also leather, studs and metal buttons for a young, fragile, romantic but also modern Valentino woman.

Spring / Summer resort collection 2011 by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli