Escale à Portofino

Escale à Portofino is a fresh, light fragrance with pronounced feminine accents. A timeless essence with sparking soft touches like an Eau de Cologne. Notes of bergamot and cedar unfold with citrus essences, joined by softly languorous almond. The scent of these exceptional natural ingredients is magnified by the subtle play of fragrant synergies. The cylindrical bottle is graced by the iconic Dior cane pattern, topped by a silver cap. The ivory box is embossed with Dior's emblematic motif.

Escale à Portofino embodies a spirit of nonchalant lightness, the first leg of an unforgettable odyssey with Parfums Christian Dior.

Krug Clos d'Ambonnay, the rarest Krug ever

Over 20 years after the Krug Clos de Mesnil, Krug is unveiling another champagne that is as rare as it is exceptional: Krug Clos d'Ambonnay. The new Krug is an elegy to time, savoir-faire and one of the champagne house's most cherished vineyards, today ready to reveal its exceptional fullness in an ultimate expression of intensity.

The nose of the Krug Clos d'Ambonnay resonates the body and character with delicate charm, providing a foretaste of the champagne's superb structure. The palate is deliciously fresh and dynamic, seducing with its richness and maturity, a magnificent harmony of brioche, grilled almonds, caramelized spices and luxuriant red fruit.

The finish is both elegant and infinite, the signature of a truly great wine and an unforgettable champagne.

Roberto Cavalli Coca Cola Light Bottles

Roberto Cavalli has designed three limited edition bottles of Coca Cola Light in Italy.

"I had a lot of fun creating three different "dresses" for the legendary silhouette of the Coca Cola Light Contour. They are seductive and feminine, in typical Cavalli style. They’re designed for the world of young people, which has always been a great inspiration to me," said Roberto Cavalli.

The bottles are designed to look as if the bottle is in a Cavalli dress.

Package Design Now!

This encyclopedic resource, divided into chapters by type (beverages, electronics, food, health & beauty, homecare & hygiene, luxury, pharmaceutical, and store & retail) explores the work of top design and branding offices from all around the world. Also included are chapters on material and processes. This unique tome is indispensable for design and marketing professionals, as well as anyone who wants to know more about what makes a great package.

Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule Fragrances

Karl Lagerfeld has launched three fragrances, Kapsule Light, Kapsule Woody and Kapsule Floriental. Karl Lagerfeld personally worked on each one with a different parfumeur reports sybarites.org/. The Kapsule Light has a light scent reminiscent of summer, the Kapsule Woody has a amber and cedar scent whilst the Kapsule Floriental has a tea like smell with hints of violets. All three unisex fragrances will be available in October worldwide.

W14 SPARCrx Ltd with natural rubber orange strap by Ventura

The Ventura W14 SPARCrx Ltd is limited to 199 editions. Created exclusively for 20ltd.com, this special edition with a natural rubber orange strap is limited to only 10 editions. Price: £1,600.00

Leaf AFi 10

Leaf's AFi 10 is 56-megapixel camera. The True Wide Frame 56x36 mm, 56 megapixel digital imaging sensor in the new Leaf AFi 10 camera system takes you to the edge of the medium-format frame. With best-of-class Schneider lenses, the Leaf AFi system can fully realize the power of 56 megapixels, delivering images of unsurpassed quality. Together with the new Leaf ‘Verto’ technology, the True Wide Frame sensor can be rotated internally, giving you the control and flexibility to shoot the way you want to. Just imagine.

Vipp Laundry Basket

the contemporary vipp laundry basket is available in white or black lacquered steel and rubber, with soft rounded shapes that link its design to the vipp pedal bin. the lid keeps your dirty laundry hidden away and is made from brushed stainless steel. it is also perforated to ensure proper air circulation. the laundry basket has a dual-section inner bag for simple sorting and is removable as well, making it easy to carry to the washing machine. hidden rubber wheels also make the laundry basket easy to move around.