Caviar by Balducci

Balducci's, has introduced a new line of private label caviar reports Luxist. Balducci's Caviar comes in Wild Caspian, which includes Sevruga and Royal Osetra varieties, Farmed International, and Domestic. Prices range from $9.99 for domestic Salmon and Paddlefish up to $1,500 for the precious Wild Caspian Royal Osetra.

Armani Privé bois d’encens candle

Created with the very best white incense from Somalia, this Privé candle is scented with the vibrant, pure, mysterious note loved by Giorgio Armani. Exquisitely nestled within a solid beech wood candle holder with a unique colored resin in the middle for shimmering candlelight in visual harmony with the fragrance. Lasts up to 50 hours.

Urbane Nomads

Urbane Nomads is, a travel agency based in Singapore. The agency bills themselves as travel mixologists, offering unique destinations, pairing it with 'select accommodation and unusual travel modes.'

Some of the tours come 2009 include a private jet tour covering Golden Triangle Thailand and Myanmar, before moving on to Putao, a remote north-eastern state in Myanmar that is notoriously difficult to get to due to the erratic flight schedule.

Putao is at the foot of the Himalayas, where the lush jungles of Myanmar meet with the climate and mountainscapes of the Himalayas. What this results in is a rich biodiversity that includes red pandas and clouded leopards. Home here too, are many tribes including the Lisu, Rawang and Naga as well as the world's only Mongoloid pygmies.

Guests will be staying in a luxury resort designed by Jean Michel Gathy of
Aman Resorts' fame.

Come July '09, there will be the Shandur Polo festival(the site of the
highest polo grounds in the world) in Pakistan. Guests will be travelling
around Kafiristan(where fairy-worshipping, black robed tribes in
elaborate head dresses with distinctive features and believed to be the
descendants of Alexander the Great are to be found), the photoshopped
landscapes of Chitral and Hunza, the most likely contender for the
original Shangri-la.

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