Nestle Building, Mexico by Michel Rojkind

Mexican architect Michel Rojkind has designed a small addition to the Nestle Building in Mexico for school children to observe chocolate production. The multi-faceted structure creates compelling abstract spaces inside, housing a child-friendly visitor’s reception area, a museum shop, and a theater.

FilioFocus free-standing fireplace

FilioFocus's free-standing fireplace is a fusion of sobriety and elegance, this fireplace's subtle curves evoke the minimalism of Japanese design. Designed by Atelier Dominique Imbert, the tower grows from the floor and stretches to the ceiling.

Anne Fontaine Spa, Paris

French designer Anne Fontaine is venturing into the world of beauty with a new luxury Spa in Paris. Fontaine's signature treatments available in the spa go by the names of cotton, silk and wild bamboo.Fontaine also launched two cosmetic lines – Natural Linen and Silk Performance – which provide the core materials in the treatments, together with a wide range of essential oils.

+33(0)1.4261 0370
Anne Fontaine Spa
370 Rue Saint-Honore
Paris 75001

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1937 Matisse Sells for $33.6 Million

A 1937 Henri Matisse painting set a new auction record for the artist at Christie's, where it went for $33.6 million reports IHT.

The Matisse work, "L'Odalisque, Harmonie Blueue," features one of the artist's favorite models lounging behind a bouquet set on a table.

The buyer was not identified.

diamond-embedded credit cards

GK Power, a Seoul-based smart card maker and online game provider has developed diamond-embedded credit cards . GK Power started sales for the luxury cards to local and overseas banks last year. Recently, it signed a $175,000 contract with Dubai First Bank in September to supply 1,000 cards - worth 300 times more than conventional plain plastic cards - for the bank's most valued clients.

Currently, BC's ``Diamond Card,'' Hyundai Card's ``The Black'' and Woori Bank's corporate cards are some of the local institution's using GK Power's high-concept cards.

Starbucks Sirena: BMW Designed Espresso Machine

Sirena by Starbucks is a pump-driven espress machine with a pressurized portafilter. Designed by the folks at BMW Design Works, Sirena by Starbucks was created to produce the perfect shot of espresso at home. Every single time


DesignAgenda's trioBike

DesignAgenda's, trioBike is an affordable retro-styled bike. trioBike is the world's first family carrier bike with 3 independent functions: a bike, 2-seat buggy and multi award winning carrier bike. Simple interchangeable design requires no tools to switch between functions. Capable of carrying 80kg payload equivalent to 2 children aged up to 9 years. Tested to the highest Danish child safety standards.

sensor soap pump

simplehuman's sensor soap pump dispenses soap touch-free to help avoid cross-contamination. Simply place your hand under the sensor to dispense soap automatically. An optional LED light timer blinks for 20 seconds to indicate how long to lather for germ-free hands. Four volume settings allow the pump to dispense preset amounts of soap or lotion. Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included).