Pretty Trend Watch

Leggings- Do wear them because they are the hot trend right now but remember the timeless saying “Leggings are a privlidge not a right”

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MOMist yes or no

Mixing menswear items with feminine items is another huge trend this season. Calvin Klein takes on the trend with the Antique kid boot. I am not a fan....

What do you think?

Brian Atwood Black patent Cecile platform

Black Patent is a must have. Brian Atwood has designed a sexy Black patent Cecile platform with ankle buckle .

3.1 Phillip Lim Sleeveless dress with ruffle collar

Barneys is offering this 3.1 Phillip Lim Sleeveless dress with ruffle collar for just

100% silk sleeveless dress with ruffle collar is very popular with B-list celebs.


French transportation futurists Venturi have unveiled the first solar electric hybrid to be commercialised in the world. Named Astrolab because it takes its energy from the sun in order to move, the solar commuter is capable of working with very little energy (16 kW engine) and of recharging even when in motion, and does not need to be permanently exposed to the sun in order to move.

The car’s performance is remarkably close to that of a petrol-engined vehicle as it has a top speed of 120 kmh and a minimum range of 110 km.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Brillance

Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Brillance promises Sparkling radiance. At $28.00, I say you can't go wrong with this, take-everywhere pen-brush.

In a single “click”, the lips become a source of shimmering and iridescent light, for a smile that is hard to resist. Protected, hydrated and smoother, the lips are dazzlingly sensual.

I want to be you

I figured before I reveal my love for this next Dior Homme piece , I should get into the horrible service during my last visit to Dior Homme (NY).

While I shop at Dior Homme in bits, I expect that when I need help in a empty store on a week day, I get help. (I don't need move the earth help) Just Help.

After a short visit to Barneys with my gal pal, where we tried on a few pork pie hats, and picked up a pair of heels. we made our way to Dior Homme.

The sales guy in Dior Homme, probably coked out of his mine, was so rude and not helpful. And the little help I got , I had to pry out of his hands.

I saw a pair high top Dior Homme sneakers in Barneys' , Dior Homme (NY) had the low cut version. When I inquired about the hightops, the sales associate ignored me. I had to tap him to get his attention. He said they didn't have them, which is fine...he gave this long explanation about why Barneys had the exclusive!

He did not even offer to check the Las Vegas Store or have them shipped from Europe. It is extremely hard for me to find shoes I must have and these hightops were it for me!

My pal then suggested another pair of shoes, which I hated. I still tried them, to see what they look like with my skinny jeans. An absolute disaster. I struggled for 10 mins before the sales rep brought a shoe slide

I just couldn't take it, I left the store without a purchase.... I promised never to return....... (that might change)

For record, my pal made a purchase for her lover.

Dior I Want to Be You Necklace $415.00

* Rhodium-finished silver
* Five dangling chains
* Round "I" pendant
* Rectangular "WANT" pendant
* Round "TO" pendant
* Round "BE" pendant
* "YOU" pendant
* Revolving clasp
* 18.5" chain
* Made in France

Lucifer Vir Honestus Quercus Tourmaline Ring

Lucifer Vir Honestus (got to love the name) has a gorgeous Quercus Tourmaline Ring available at Barneys for $5k . The 18K rose gold quercus ring features green tourmaline and diamonds. What I love about this piece is that at first glance it looks like a skull (huge trend) but a closer look reveals a beautiful stone

UNTITLED #1 by Yosh Han

UNTITLED #1 by Yosh Han is described as a languid, abstract dreamscape done in chalk pastels. Pools of subtle color melt into each other – a dusky blue cloud of myrrh eases into the creamy golds of vanilla and honey. The hazy sunset-pink glow of Turkish rose is swirled with the deep, but muted, earth tones of amber, clove and cinnamon.

Inspired by the mellow richness of caramel, the ever inventive Yosh Han has created a fragrance with no sharp edges -- sweet and subtle and as soft and plushy as a cat’s fur. So soothing and hushed that at first it seems simple, but as we are drawn into it, the shimmering intricacies of texture reveal themselves: the warm, homespun softness of contentment; a brief, fluttering wisp of cool tranquility. Quiet, but full of nuance. Gentle and comforting.

UNTITLED #1 by Yosh Han notes
waterlily, vanilla, myrrh, oakmoss, tunisian amber, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, Turkish rose, cedar

Dior Leather Knit Messenger Bag

Dior Homme has launched a casual Leather Knit Messenger Bag , available for $1,175.00 at eluxury. The bag breaks the standard sleek Dior Homme look for a more rugged bag that is sure to work for a run to the gym , or some downtown shopping.

* Lambskin leather with an aged, vintage-like feel
* Aged silver-finished accessories
* Knit side panels
* Adjustable canvas shoulder strap with links
* Two front buttoned flap pockets
* Two front zipped pouch pockets
* Vertical zipped pocket on front
* Zip top closure inspired by Dior Homme bomber jackets
* Textile lining with zipped pocket and cell phone pocket
* 14.5" x 12.5" x 2.25"
* Made in Italy

Menscience Advanced Lip Protection with SPF

Menscience looks to corner the mens grooming market, with a line of nicely priced, stylishly packaged and proven products. The company offers the Advanced Lip Protection with SPF for $10, available at Barneys. Menscience's Advanced Lip Protection with SPF is touted to offer serious protection, relief, and healing under any conditions-sun, sea, wind, or snow! Multifunctional advanced formula protects and improves the delicate skin on your lips in all seasons-outdoors or indoors.ly

Tea Note Teas

tea-note.jp if offering a line of teas with stylish packaging reports wallpaper

Tea note's, original black tea is simply natural



Teas, ¥1,050 ($9) each, by Tea Note, tel: 81.4 2587 9319 (Japan)

Dior Homme Bee Cufflinks

I can't remember the last time, I wore a shirt that was cufflink worthy, I find most cufflinks go over the top, last season Louis Vuitton launched a simple , yet classy pair. This season Dior Homme offers a pair with their trademark bee logo that follows suit.

Dior Bee Cufflinks $160.00

* Polished silvertone metal with rhodium finishing and grey enamel
* Silvertone bee motif
* Packaged in a small black box
* Made in Germany