Updated version of the classic grandmother cabinet, “Skyline” by Fabio Cocchi & Luigi Rotta /Dovetusai 2009 has an Iroco natural wood structure.It bring backs memories of the past but at the same time its line and top , into three different versions, recall city skyscrapers. The Skyline effect is expressed at its best by putting more cabinets in a row.

Piopio collection

A collection of book shelves and coffee tables/bed tables born thanks to the expert use of the iron by Antonino Sciortino whose ability in molding, since a long time, creates pieces of furniture as beautiful as sculptures and functional as furniture objects. The Piopio collection is based on the idea of the movement, the movement of the shapes of the single object, but also the movement that is born from the possibility to create unsuspected geometries matching many pieces in creative way.


Time is universal, but each individual has their own interpretation and expression of it. Fabrica has a multi-ethnic and multi-creative perception and through this new clock designed for Diamantini & Domeniconi they speak about the diversity of the communication of time, playing with arrows from different styles with various historic references. From Italian Baroque to Russian modernism, from German Bauhaus to 17è French siècle Elegance... White, black and silver are the plain and pure colors used to highlight the laser cut design allowing a simple trace to speak about a combination of world references.