Bottega Veneta Tableware

Bottega Veneta have launched a tableware collection inspired by their Intreciatto woven leather bags. The tableware collection consists of plates, soup plates, condiment bowls, rice bowls and dessert bowls and is available in Bottega Veneta stores worldwide.

Latin American Graphic Design

Comprised of 20 countries located in North, South, and Central America as well as the Caribbean Islands, Latin America is populated by over 500 million people. From Argentina to Mexico, all Latin American countries are Spanish-speaking with the exception of Portuguese-speaking Brazil. Latin America has been producing a very unique form of graphic expression for decades and this historical publication brings together the best examples from the 20th century as well as today. The book begins with an extensive historical essay about the region's contribution to design, featuring the development of graphic design in the region from 1900 to current times, while the main body of the book features A to Z entries of almost 200 designers and design offices that have built up and continue to champion the Latin design identity. Finally, a handy index facilitates access to key information in the book, such as designers' names, countries, publications, educational institutions, and famous events.

Glenlivet XXV

Glenlivet has released The Glenlivet XXV, a new premium 25-year-old whisky. The whisky has notes of honey and malt with a fruity palate. It comes in an impressive wooden gift box with a slab of limestone with the name inscribed on it.

Disney's Mplayer Swarovski

iriver Japan released the 4th edition of its mickey mouse-shaped mp3 player 'Mplayer Swarovski' in Japan market. Supporting 1GB capacity, the Mplayer Swarovski comes in four different designs including 'Little girl' adorned with ribbon, 'Flower ray' featuring Hawaiian style, 'Liberty' with the motif of little flower, and 'Ethnic' featuring resort style

Hansa Colour Shower

Hansa's Color Shower from Hansa uses LED lighting, the ColourShower spray can be changed to any color of the visible light spectrum to offer an intensive, vitalizing or relaxing shower experience !

It features a very easy to use Colour Control Unit for the color and spray options right on its panel. There are 4 options for the spray: Fire, Ice, Sweep and Wave, as well as 8 chromotherapy colors including white.

Prices start from $2,850 on Hansa website

The Bader House

"Fresh, and the best of everything in modern, original design. This home was created by the Russell group and Palumbo Design team in order to fulfill the wishes of Bader’s personal dream-bachelor home.

Absolutely meticulous, with a wealth of amenities to infuse it, it is the ultimate, ultra sexy bachelor pad. How can it not be, with its romantic head-on city views and its beauteous simplicity?

With floor-to-ceiling walls of glass, it is able to bring the city life into the serenity of home. Furthermore, the Bader House features unique architectural details-from a parking spot in the living room and mechanical dining room table, to a sensuous fire elevating from an open pit. Among other highlights are the plush theater, stylish master bedroom, second bedroom, and gourmet kitchen. You’ll never miss a thing."

The Bader house is currently for sale at $5,995,000.

Lanvin hi-top sneakers

A must have hi-top for the sneaker lover... these shoes from Lanvin are made of the best materials and feature a classic and never out of style shape.

CdG#2 "Silver Words"

Comme des Garcons has announced the limited edition CdG#2 "Silver Words".

"Words contain meanings like a bottle holds a perfume. Both convey messages that can be interpreted and experienced in an immense variety of different ways, each of them communicates an essence, a thought, a shared experience. Messages in bottles have always signified belief and a hope for the future.

Using advanced serigraphic techniques, evolved from traditional printing methods, the original Comme des Garcons 2 pebble-shaped bottle has been lacquered in black to contain silver words of peace, freedom and love in several languages.

The result is a deep, matt-black color surface holding an infinite message of hope, stamped in silver words."