AURÉLIE BIDERMANN  Gold locket + chain with  white diamonds. Of Aurélie Bidermann, we already knew fantasy jewels, she launches a luxurious range of jewels, retro look, we find the famous idols expensive to the creator affixed this time on rings but also cuff bracelets  " lace vintage " dipped into  gold or silver

Van Cleef & Arpels Papillons collection

Van Cleef & Arpels
new Papillons jewelry collection featuring butterflies. The line focuses on butterflies and flowers which include intricate petals made of white gold and diamonds. The collection has a set of earrings, a necklace and numerous broaches.

Dominic Jones jewellery

Dominic Jones is the jewellery designer of the moment. This edgy and elegant gold ring is a perfect example of his stunning designs and is a fantastic statement piece.


Public Bikes

Public Bikes will be launching  a collection in early May designed around the style and principles of the classic city bikes of Europe, updated with new technology and modern materials, and adapted to the U.S. market.  Public Bikes have two classic European frame styles, both unisex, both made from strong lightweight steel.  Designed  for all sizes and ages and made them especially female-friendly.  Prices will range from about $650 to $1200.

Hand-painted Wrapped Whole cut shoes by Lodger Footwear

The ‘Wrapped Whole cut’ shoe by Lodger of London is fashioned from a single piece of flawless leather, the seam of the shoe is placed asymmetrically on one side as opposed to being more traditionally found at the back. This requires that the leather be stretched in three directions in order to get it to fit around the toe and heel without any additional seams. Customers can choose to have their own pair of these unique shoes hand painted in one of three colours: a rich Oxblood, warm Grey or Azure Blue. Each pair has the name of their creator embossed on one sole and the name of the customer embossed on the other.


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Burberry April Showers

Burberry “April Showers” collection for Spring 2010 launched under their Burberry Brit label.

The collection, for both men and women, includes fitted trench coats, polo shirts and dresses, padded jackets, “stowaway” windbreakers and accessories.

Fabio Novembre Luciola Chandelier

Fabio Novembre's  Luciola chandelier seems like a 19th-century aviary, made of intertwined metal wire and created to protect precious gems.

Of course it is designed to illuminate, but above all to amaze, as in times gone by in g
rand houses, with a whole series of "wonders", from stuffed animals to large maps of the world, from anatomical skulls to aviaries with exotic birds. With Fabio Novembre and Luciola , the Driade house becomes infused with wonder too.

Helmut Newton: Immorale

Helmut Newton's photographs of Japanese actress Eri Ishida.

Bols 1575 Vodka

Mash concepts for the "Bols 1575 Amsterdam" Bottle revamp

Mash designed a series of classic and elegant bottles based on vintage French perfume packaging."

luxury zoo in Al Ain

United Arab Emirates, Al Ain is in the beginning stages of development on a state-of-the-art luxury zoo. The multibillion-dirham resort is expected to be completed by 2014. According to Rebecca Bundhun of The National, the development will include luxury lodges, a five-star hotel with 200 rooms, and over 1,000 villas. The hub will be the wildlife park built in a 900-hectare area, and will be split into three zones: a north Kenyan Park; a North American area; and an Arabian sector.