Ventury Paris Divine collection

Ventury Paris shows off its Divine collection. Reflecting French’s standards of style and elegance, the maison Ventury Paris has come up with its Divine confidential series, the ultimate collection of exceptional furniture to suit your style. Brainchild and innovation of Emmanuel Touraine (former Elite Model Agency partner and Ventury Group's founder) and Vincent Cadena (designer), these are fabulous
lounge chairs that are retro yet modish!

What’s different?
These exclusive, super rare limited edition design chairs take inspiration
from the poise and glamor of Parisian chic. Traditional yet glamorous, these
signature designs graced by the highest-quality, pay homage to the past while embracing the future! Simply must haves!

Price and availability: There is a limited run of lounge chairs. Visit
http://www.ventury.fr for more info.

Electrolux Rendez-vous

Electrolux Rendez-vous is the first interactive table that combines the living, eating, and entertaining space. The top of the table is a unique surface of energy that brings appliances to life without the use of a cable. The mobile phone or blender can be placed on the surface to charge or activate. The table top is also an inductive cooking system that uses sensor technology: cooking zones are not dedicated. Instead heat is dispensed wherever the pan is placed. Beneath the table are modular drawers that can hold a stove, refrigerator or almost any kitchen appliance that the consumer needs. Cooking becomes a social activity, with every thing you need all in one place. Programmed into the Rendez-vous is a virtual chef that guides the consumer through the cooking process, making it foolproof. When it is time to eat, the drawers tuck away beneath the table. Rendez-vous breaks down barriers in the home, creating the perfect space for gathering, cooking and eating.

Gourmet Journeys

Gourmet-Journeys.com is a journey around the globe in some of the world’s most vibrant cities: St. Petersburg, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Seville.

French chef Frederick e. Grasser Herme has devised a range of exquisite menus that reveal the world’s culinary variety and G.H. Mumm’s Cellar Master, Didier Mariotti, pairs each dish in the menu with the appropriate Champagne from the G.H.Mumm stable. The latest trends in entertaining and furniture design are illustrated in settings to make the most of this gourmet experience.

Menu recipes, music, video-art wallpapers and exclusive shopping tips are all available for download as part of a playfully luxurious tool kit designed by GH Mumm.

Chen House

Chen House is realized on an old Japanese cherry-farm in the Datun -mountains of North-Taiwan. It is designed as a vessel to react on the demanding wind, flooding and heat conditions on the site.

The house is a stick raised above the ground in order to let the flood waters run under it. The different spaces are connected to a flexible movement within the axis of outdoor and indoor functions. The smaller bathroom and kitchen unit acts as a kicker stabilizing the wooden structure during the frequent typhoons and earthquakes.

The bio-climatic architecture is designed to catch the cool breeze from the Datun -river during the hot days and to let in the small winds circulating on the site between the fresh water reservoir pond and the farmlands. A fire place is used during the winter for heating and for cooking tea. In connection with the bathroom is a small sauna.

The house is designed to give the farmers a needed shelter.

Ruin is when man-made has become part of nature. With this house we were looking forward to design a ruin.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutique in France

inaugurated a new showcase in Cannes to present its collections and its exceptional expertise. Cannes thus becomes the third Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutique in France, alongside the two already located on the Place Vendôme in Paris and in Lyon, and the 28th boutique worldwide. Between the red carpet ceremonies before the daily screenings
of the films competing for a set of awards including the prestigious Palme d’Or, the 62nd edition of the Cannes International Film Festival sees the unveiling of a new Jaeger-LeCoultre “embassy”. The official opening was presided over by the elegant Jaeger-LeCoultre muse, Diane Kruger, the Deputy Mayor of Cannes, Bernard Brochard, and Jaeger-LeCoultre CEo Jérôme Lambert.