BMW Art Car Collection

Initially developed by auctioneer and racing driver Herve Poulain, BMW's Art Car concept sees outstanding artists from across the globe collaborating with BMW.

The series has seen the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and David Hockney each making a unique artistic statement about the appearance and meaning of cars in their era reports Wallpaper.

The latest addition to the Art Car Collection comes in the form of Olufar Eliasson’s BMW H2R project. Eliasson has transformed the hydrogen-powered car, and is currently being exhibited in ‘Your mobile expectations H2R project.’

Alexander Amosu , RAZR2 V8 Luxury Diamond Edition

Alexander Amosu has created a RAZR2 V8 Luxury Diamond Edition phone. Alexander Amosu has made only 5 diamond handsets reports bornrich. The phones boast 412 diamonds with 5.9 carats color F VS. The phones also come with international Concierge service. Alexander Amosu the founder of Amosu Luxury Phones say “we have already sold half of the 5 pre-orders already, its so exclusive that we believe the value of the phone will go up within weeks of us selling out.”

Armani Dolci Panettone And Pandoro

For the holiday season Armani Dolci , the Armani confectionary based in Armani’s Milan flagship store has created a special Panettone and Pandoro. The limited edition offerings come in special gold boxes. Panettone and Pandoro are made of a sweet bread type of pastry. Panettone is contains raisins, lemon and orange whilst the Pandoro is plain.

Hôtel Costes Home Collection

Hôtel Costes in Paris has launched a collection of fragrances for the home. Inspired by the hotel’s interior , the fragrance has a mysterious character with hints of coriander seeds, white pepper, laurel, oriental woods, incense, musk and hints of rose. The collection includes an Eau de Toilette, room spray, perfumed candles, shower gel, body lotion.

Range Rover Westminster

The Range Rover Westminster edition is powered by a V8 Supercharged 400 horsepower engine for a top speed of 225 kilometers an hour. The car comes a in Java black Pearlescent finish with black and tan leather interior with oak accents. Only five hundred of the cars will be made and each will come with door sill plates marking its number in the series reports sybarites.org

Marcel Wanders Royal Delft plates

Marcel Wanders has created a set of 2 Royal Delft plates from the illustrious De Porcelain Fles factory in Holland (founded in 1635) as part of Marcels already famous One Minute series. The One Minute series concept is a fresh and charming idea where yes all the pieces are decorated in just one minute. The set is created exclusively for 20ltd.com as is limited to just 30 editions.

Aphrodite Collection by Obsession

Obsession has announced the Aphrodite Collection inspired by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, lust & beauty.

Like a sheer work of art, each individual phone is sculpted and crafted by hand.
It comes in white gold or 24K yellow gold, flaunts 2.1 carats of cultured diamonds, hand-stitched hide on the back, and a white leather presentation case inside a hand-crafted crocodile skin briefcase

Motorola Z8 Ferrari limited edition

has announced a limited edition , Ferrari branded Z8 . The Ferrari features include two Ferrari videos, pre-registration to the official Ferrari site, Ferrari wallpapers and ringtones, and the bundled ‘The Bourne Identity’ movie. Te new Moto Z8 Ferrari limited edition will be available at Ferrari stores and Motorola retailers in Q1 of 2008.

Genesis 2-series loudspeaker (G2)

Genesis Advanced Technologies, has announced , Genesis 2-series loudspeaker (G2) , the latest generation in the evolution of their highly regarded Genesis™ 2-series.

The Genesis 2-series loudspeaker (G2) is the penultimate Genesis model. This latest version of the G2 improves on the previous generations, which included the G-II in 1994, the G200 in 1998, and the G201 in 2000.

"The sound of the G2.2 is a tremendous improvement over the G201 throughout the entire frequency range, bringing the resulting performance even closer to live for everything from rock to jazz to classical.".

The Genesis 2 loudspeaker retails for US$63,000 in High Gloss Black. Other colors of acrylic may be possible on special order. They will be available through authorized Genesis dealers and distributors worldwide. Complete specifications for the G2.2 loudspeaker can be found at www.genesisloudspeakers.com.

‘Il Trovatore‘

‘Il Trovatore‘ painted around 1960 by Greek-born Italian surrealist painter and sculptor, Giorgio de Chirico (1891-1978) has sold for 528,042 Euros. The painted was acquired in 1962 by the father of the owner. The work, cataloged in the archives of the Fondazione Giorgio de Chirico, was earlier estimated to bring in 450, 000 Euros. The painting was sold by Bonhams auction of Impressionist paintings lately held in London.

Life Mel

Harrods now offers - Honey thought to be the world's most expensive at £42 per pot.

It is being sold in the store's pharmacy instead of its food hall because of the honey's apparent health benefits.

The 120g pots of Life Mel honey have a high price tag because it is made by honey bees fed on a specially created diet which includes herbs such as Siberian ginseng and echinacea.

Movado's tungsten carbide watch

Movado has unveiled a new watch made of tungsten carbide, a material that is next to impossible to scratch reports Luxist

Tungesten carbide has become popular in recent years for watches and men's wedding bands because it is so durable.

The suggested retail on these watches is about $800 to $1,000 more than the traditional stainless steel versions.

Magna Carta Goes For $21.3 million

The Magna Carta, an 800-year-old English royal manuscript setting out the rights of man, sold at auction at Sotheby's in New York Tuesday for 21.3 million dollars.

The iconic vellum manuscript was bought by David Rubenstein, a US lawyer and founder of Washington-based private equity firm The Carlyle Group.

He said he would loan the royal charter, which is dated 1297 and bears the wax seal of King Edward I, to the US National Archives.

Miro’s Blue Star Painting Fetches $16.7 million

The 1927 painting identified as ‘Blue Star’ (1893-1983) by Spanish artist Joan Miro has sold for 11.6 million Euros ($16.7 million) in Paris.

This is the highest price earned by Miro for his work.

Sennheiser’s MX Series

Sennheiser’s MX Series, earbuds already a staple among on-the-go music lovers, are now available in colorful new designs and come packed with innovative features.

All models in the MX Series are upgraded with powerful bass-accented stereo sound and offer the best sound quality for portable music and multi-media devices. The new designs ensure that the earphones fit securely in the ear and offer several options for users’ preferred applications.

The MX Series headphones are available in stores now:

MX 760 Available in polished black, polished white, titanium $39.95

MX 660 Available in polished black, polished silver $34.95

MX 560 Available in polished black, polished white, polished $29.95 silver, autumn-apple red, fresh aqua

MX 460 Available in polished black, polished white $24.95

Sennheiser CX-300 Pink

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation is offering a bubblegum-pink version of the best-selling CX 300 ear-canal headphone via select retailers to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

$8.99, or 10%, of the MSRP for each limited-edition CX 300-Pink—the vibrant variant of Sennheiser’s popular CX 300 ear-canal headphones—will be donated directly to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The organization strives to cure breast cancer at every stage and is made up of both survivors and activists.

Like the CX 300, the new CX 300-Pink seals off ambient noise with comfortable ear adapters, which come in three different sizes for a perfect seal. The powerful bass-driven headphones are a must for music lovers and are an ideal complement for virtually any portable music and gaming device.

The CX 300-Pink is available now exclusively at Amazon.com and TigerDirect.com with an MSRP of $89.95.