Parfums M.Micallef

Parfums M.Micallef is a French niche line established by Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Newman in 1997. Parfums M.Micallef offers perfumes, accessories and skincare products. The Parfums M.Micallef's Le Parfum is their most luxurious range offering a great variety of superior flacons in varied sizes. The lavish crystal flacons can be filled with all the fragrances from the various Micallef collections and, if required, decorated with special motifs, such as portraits, names, etc. In this way, a favorite perfume finds its place in a genuine, top-class, unique flacon holding up to three litres.

Reader shares her experience with the Parfums M.Micallef brand in Dubai

I was in a perfumery store called: Parfums M.Micallef Only hand made perfumes in hand made bottles. All painted with 24 crt gold and/or embedded with Swarovski stones....And that's only the outside.....From truly oriental fragrances which even outsell Chanel and Dior (I was told) over there till fragrances we as western people love. These fragrances last long on the skin and develop beautifully.