Annoushka jewellery

Annoushka Collection is now available at Harvey Nichols. The culmination of a lifetime's obsession with the romance and sensual magic of jewels, Annoushka Ducas' new jewellery collection is inspired by her extensive travels and fuelled by a collector's passion for the exotic and unique. Further shaped by Annoushka's Russian heritage and hand-crafted using both traditional and modern jewellery techniques, this playful collection celebrates the character, sensuality and strength of jewellery, as a unique reflection of the individual modern woman.

The Annoushka collection is built on the philosophy that jewellery is designed to be worn. This practical emphasis on individual style has given birth to the Annoushka "Parure", a modern and intensely personal jewellery wardrobe, arranged in a deftly-designed jewellery box, with compartments, hidden sections and secret drawers, creating a suite of jewels which reflect women's tastes and character. Conceived to innovate, reshape and reinvent, Annoushka's jewellery is designed to inspire women to do the same - to explore and discover their own personal style, trying new combinations of colour, proportion and texture to create a unique jewellery wardrobe.

The flagship Annoushka boutique is now open on the Ground Floor of Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge and will be followed by Harvey Nichols Leeds on 12 August and Harvey Nichols Manchester on 15 August.