Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green

Electrolux has just launched the world's most eco-friendly vacuum cleaner in the UK - the Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green (rrp £159.99 – available April 09).

Shredded cars are the raw material for the newest Ultra Silencer vacuum cleaner from Electrolux. When most people think of recycling cars, they think of the steel frames and bodies or the iron and aluminum engines. But cars also contain a great deal of plastic in everything from batteries to bumpers.

Some of this plastic, once recovered, is the main raw material for the Ultra Silencer Green vacuum cleaner from Electrolux, the first vacuum cleaner on the market to be made with reclaimed materials. Making Ultra Silencer Green body with 55% recycled PP saves two litres of crude oil and 80 litres of water per vacuum cleaner. This means a reduction in energy consumption of 90% during manufacturing compared to producing the same components in virgin plastics. Also 90% of this model also recyclable. High performing yet very energy efficient too, it needs 33% LESS energy during use than other equivalent cleaners. It is also the quietest model on the market. For more information please see attached press release. Please let me know if you would like a high res image,