Electrolux Oxygen

The Electrolux Oxygen is a high-performance air cleaner providing up to 313 m3 clean air per hour – more than enough to cope with the larger than average room. Because it is the quietest in the world it is ideal for use in bedrooms as well as sitting rooms or anywhere in the home where you want to improve the quality of the air. The Electrolux Oxygen combines active carbon for smell reduction and washable HEPA filters which remove 99.97% of hazardous particles as small as 0.3 microns. That’s particles up to 150 times thinner than an average human hair. This includes most of the main irritants and asthma triggers, such as mould, pollen, airborne allergens from pets and dust mites as well as tobacco smoke. With an electronic nose, this air cleaner detects when it needs to be switched on or increase its cleaning power. Available from Spring 09 RRP £199.