Created in collaboration with designer Ron Arad, Freewheeler is a cordless stereo speaker wheel that can be rolled around, indoors or outside. Made of high-quality lacquered wood, it has the unique quality of generating a high quality stereo sound from one component instead of the usual two separate elements. With its own built-in receiver and amplifier, all you need is a CD player, your favorite music and away you roll! The sound signal is conveyed directly from the CD player to the speaker by a two-way FM transmitter. A receiver inside the wheel picks up the signal, filters and divides it into two stereo channels and then sends the two signals to a battery-run internal amplifier. The signals are then sent in opposite directions to two multi-directional coaxial speakers. This produces two separate sets of sound waves which in turn create the stereo effect. Available in NAC Orange or Cool White, it can also be made to order in any colour.