Diamond Encrusted iPhone 3G

Swiss luxury designer and jeweler Knalihs Athem’s newest creation is a diamond encrusted Apple Iphone 3G. This exclusive limited edition phone is encrusted with more that 475 finest quality brilliant cut diamonds that weigh 3.75 carats in total. Only 50 such handsets will be created worldwide. Each handset is accompanied by appropriate and official diamond grading report from a gemological lab.

The first 10 diamond encrusted Apple Iphone 3G by Knalihs Athem will be sold for ONLY US$10,000 post which the price will be revised sharply upwards.

Athem creates exclusive limited edition diamond encrusted mobile phones of world renowned brands like Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and others. We endeavor to take luxury and mobile technology together to the highest level. At Athem we call it 'Redefining Luxury'.

Each diamond encrusted Athem mobile phone is individually crafted and created with exceptional precision and skilled swiss craftsmanship using materials of the highest quality. The phones are hand-finished with utmost care and all the diamonds set precisely to provide lasting beauty and quality.

All the phones are made to order basis as Knalihs Athem works on limited editions.