Louis Vuitton City Guide 2008

Louis Vuitton has announced the 2008 edition of their popular City Guide . According to LVMH, Louis Vuitton's City Guide 2008 captures the essence of 30 European cities with a uniquely fresh and resolutely offbeat array of advice and suggestions. The new edition of the City Guide is packed with 7,500 distinctly original addresses, covering everything from food and fashion to the arts and design.

In this totally updated edition, some cities take a back seat while others come into the spotlight. The City Guide also welcomes several new cities.

Louis Vuitton is also publishing a new edition of its New York City Guide, first introduced in 2004 to celebrate the opening of the store on Fifth Avenue.

These booklet formats, packed with endless tips and ideas, are as easy as ever to slip into a bag or pocket.

The City Guide Europe boxed set and City Guide New York 2008, available in French and English, are on sale in Louis Vuitton stores and on the Web at louisvuitton.com.