Blaze by Yvonne Beever

Yvonne Beever trained in fashion and textiles at St. Martins School of Art. After a career in the fashion industry, she decided to concentrate her highly original talents on her passion for embroidery. Experimenting with different fabrics and different methods of drawing and painting together with her highly-skilled freehand machine embroidery, she has fashioned pieces unlike anything seen before. Juxtaposing the gentle, modest ‘WI’ image of old-fashioned needlework with a decidedly immodest choice of subject matter, her work has a cute wit and charm so often lacking in erotic art. Inspired by 50's ‘girlie’ magazine covers given a typically light-hearted twist, these 11 unique pieces have been created exclusively for 20ltd.com. Each piece comes framed in a hand-made natural oak and set behind glass to protect the embroidery, the width of the frame is approximately 13mm.