Effectus Lux Lucis by Victoria Grant

London Milliner, Victoria Grant, brings a whole new edge to contemporary hat wearing. Her arresting designs have attracted a host of style-charting devotees including Dita Von Tees, Christina Aguilera, Penelope Cruz, Annie Lennox, Dolce & ; Gabanna &  Jay Joplin. None more so than this one created exclusively for 20ltd.com. Inspired by the British Royal Artillery and Medieval Execution Mask, this remarkable piece combines Victoria’s whimsical sense of Heritage vs. Humour to create a fully functional Art Piece. To be worn or used as a lamp (Maximum Wattage 15). Hand crafted from Pierced Fur felt and Aluminium Chain with an ostentatious Bird of Paradise puff it is a high salute to good old British Heritage and the mysterious underworld of sex & roleplay pursued through the ages.