Sterling Silver Minaudieres

Tamlin & The Fall's debut capsule collection, The Space Between, joins silver, leather, hammered-chain, and feathers into a trio of sculptural clutches for the edgy, sensuous woman. Crafted to last a hundred years and designed to endure a thousand seasons, this quintessential trilogy is distilled from nature’s most enduring forms: the egg, the crystal and the shell. The egg has a dimensional
fissure that cracks open to reveal an alligator-lined interior. The crystal is a sculptural gem mined to fit in your palm. The shell boldly embraces the hand like the guard on a fencing sabre. The interpretation of these shapes emerges as a group of palm-sized couture objects, each made with over a pound of precious metal. Timeless in form, function, and matter, the minaudieres speak a refreshingly modern
language. This design collaboration between Tamlin & The Fall founder Jessamee Sanders and fellow designer Elise Ballegeer is thoroughly American in its inception. The work is conceived in a studio in upstate New York, and materializes at the hands of the finest artisans in New York City. Sanders and Ballegeer have created a signature line that is both restrained and indulgent. With an aesthetic they dub decorative minimalism, jewelry, sculpture, fashion, and natural form come together as one. The result is functional art of exceptional beauty—polished, and with a hint of mystery…