BOKKS London - The very best in luxury gifting

BOKKS London is a new luxury service. BOKKS London combines the world’s leading luxury brands, experiences and exclusive designs, with a truly personal gifting consultative service, innovative packaging, and a unique delivery experience.

“Masterminding that perfect gift for that special person is now a luxury you can enjoy” says Walter Bugno, Chief Executive of BOKKS, brought in to orchestrate the creation of a new way of serving consumers. “All too often we are constrained by a lack of time, a lack of realisation about what is available, or simply, hesitation about selecting the perfect gift for an occasion! Not any more,” says Mr. Bugno.

With the input of Dustin Hoffman as the inaugural Style Master and Karl Lagerfeld as the Design Master of the BOKKS Luxury Anthology, and designer Neil Barrett who started Prada Menswear and who has designed the BOKKS-Hop uniforms, they have created a selection of gift ideas that is truly exhilarating”, Mr. Bugno says as he prepares to launch a major marketing campaign to be known as ‘Who art thou?’

“For many people the experience of buying a collection of gifts is the hardest thing to do, and yet, often you wish you could send out a fabulous gift at the drop of a hat. At BOKKS London, we make it all a joyful experience. Whether through the ease of how you can engage with our service (online, instore, or we come to you), the vast collection of luxury product offerings, or the detail that goes into accessorizing and delivering your gift, BOKKS London takes care of all the details. We will hunt, collect, package and hand-deliver the perfect present for every occasion,” Mr. Bugno said.

BOKKS’ first gift gallery launched on Davies Street, Mayfair, London and www.bokks.com will soon be ecommerce ready.