Sea Pure Natural Skincare Collection

H20 Plus have launched a brand new line called Sea Pure Natural Skincare Collection. The line will include Sea Pure Natural Skincare gift kits exclusively available for the holiday season. The kit contains a Creamy Facial Cleanser, Deep Moisture Cream and Perfecting Eye Cream. These 100% all-natural formulas are enriched with an exclusive youth-renewing science that helps boost the body’s sirtuin levels to naturally stimulate skin cell regeneration. Blended with marine botanicals, shea nut butter and sunflower oil, this rejuvenating collection helps smooth the look of fine lines and deflects daily free radical damage. H20 Plus is an innovative, sea-derived skincare brand. Using the finest, marine-sourced nutrients, each formula contains carefully cultivated marine botanicals, pure plant extracts and sea-mineral complexes. By pairing unique marine-rich ingredients with innovative technology, H20 Plus provides an equilibrium between nature and science!