Ventury Paris Divine collection

Ventury Paris shows off its Divine collection. Reflecting French’s standards of style and elegance, the maison Ventury Paris has come up with its Divine confidential series, the ultimate collection of exceptional furniture to suit your style. Brainchild and innovation of Emmanuel Touraine (former Elite Model Agency partner and Ventury Group's founder) and Vincent Cadena (designer), these are fabulous
lounge chairs that are retro yet modish!

What’s different?
These exclusive, super rare limited edition design chairs take inspiration
from the poise and glamor of Parisian chic. Traditional yet glamorous, these
signature designs graced by the highest-quality, pay homage to the past while embracing the future! Simply must haves!

Price and availability: There is a limited run of lounge chairs. Visit
http://www.ventury.fr for more info.