Generation by Knoll

Generation by Knoll, the first work chair that allows you to sit and work the way you want, previewed in the May 2009 edition of TIME Style and Design, which has a global circulation of 1.3 million readers. The magazine arrived in mailboxes in the U.S. today.

Designed by Formway Design, Generation by Knoll takes elastic design--where a product rearranges itself in response to its user--to a new level.

"This approach creates a new standard for work chair comfort by offering unrestrained movement that supports a range of natural postures and diverse work styles," says Alana Stevens, Senior Marketing Director.

Commenting on "the unique figure-eight design," TIME writer Mengly Taing states that Generation by Knoll "flexes to support the spine while allowing users to move freely to different sitting positions."

Taing's boldly illustrated feature, with a graphic photo of Generation by Knoll in uplifting Lemongrass, also quotes Knoll Design director Benjamin Pardo, who reflects, "Our inspiration was the occupant of the chair and the varied postures adopted during the workday."

Describing an important sustainable design attribute of Generation by Knoll, Taing adds that the chair "uses less material than standard office chairs."

The advanced material used to create Generation by Knoll meets Knoll "Design for the Environment Guidelines," which dictate that design for durability requires minimal use of materials, which must be non-toxic, recyclable-and or rapidly renewable materials.

Echoing the Knoll credo to help customers create inspiring workplaces where people really want to work, Taing closes her piece by musing on the Generation by Knoll aesthetic: "With options such as lemongrass green and firecracker red, the office just got more fun."

Generation by Knoll will be introduced formally on June 15 at NeoCon, the office furniture industry trade show in Chicago. For more information, visit knoll.com in the month ahead.