Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge I03

Following the fabulous I02 version in white gold, Dior Homme has unveiled the new Chiffre Rouge I03 in brushed gold, a new chronograph that further shakes up the codes of luxury watches.

Combining exceptional luxury and flawless performance, the Chiffre Rouge I03 is a noble celebration of the Dior universe.

A true marvel of technical prowess, the watch boasts features that will enthrall novices and collectors alike.

The Chiffre Rouge I03 is made of the most precious materials, melding the gentle softness of brushed gold with transparent sapphires.
Set with diamonds on the dial and winding mechanism, this unique watch is a pure expression of timeless luxury.

The "Irréductible" caliber measures time to 1/10th of a second, guaranteeing unwavering reliability and precision. The automatic chronograph has been produced in a limited edition by the celebrated Manufacture Zenith and is certified COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres).

The innovative asymmetric design of the case puts all the controls on the right side.

The fluid form - materialized by the shape of a pebble - is enhanced by smoothed angles and a convex glass, making the timepiece a sublimely beautiful object.

The ultra-flexible band is a natural extension of the curved lines to harmoniously envelop the wrist.

The Chiffre Rouge I03 subtly integrates Dior Homme codes, including the "cuts" on the band and clasp. A solitary diamond is hidden on the back side of the case, like an intimate, secret and exclusive signature.

Preciously elegant and resolutely contemporary, the new Chiffre Rouge by Dior Homme is a new classic in sophisticated watches for men.