Green Teckell by Adriano Design for B.lab Italia

The Original Teckell Collection is Adriano Design’s reinterpretation of the table top sport of “foosball”. From their collaboration with B.lab Italia and through an ongoing environmentally conscience research, Green Teckell is born; a truly original lifestyle and luxury design.

This limited edition inserts itself as the first of a new generation of B.lab’s best seller Teckell Collection. Teckell is now becoming Green for its innovated design and use of materials; aluminum, crystal, and now wood. The elegant use of natural wood such as walnut for the constructing of the legs, handles, players and points bar distinguishes this version from the previous collection. Green Teckell as well as the entire Teckell family is crafted by local Italian artisans combining their years of experience with the most sophisticated technologies.

Wood is a material that doesn’t age, it matures, like the game foosball; a classic entertainment for all social classes and age groups. Green’s simple but pure design is created to have zero impact on the environment with the use of completely recyclable natural materials; aluminum, glass and wood.