Auction & Trade Luxury Goods

BillionaireXchange.com is the destination website for people that want to acquire or exchange luxury goods with others all around the world. According to Quintin Thompson, Executive Partner with BXE International "Instead of hunting on an auction website around bean-bag toys and novelty candy dispensers, BillionaireXchange cuts to the chase and make it easy for people with billion dollar tastes to find what they really want."

Our goal is to create the world’s largest online auction and exchange site specifically for high-end items. In doing so we hope to help restore the value of the luxury items for sale and or exchange as well as the brands. By creating this marketplace we provide a venue for luxury consumers to have a single place on the web to browse for their latest toy. As well as provide a reputable option for those experiencing a downturn and need to unload, exchange, or downgrade their toys. All this at the same time while protecting the brand value of the manufacturers of these fine luxury items.