Regenesi objects of desire

THE BEAUTY OF WASTE - How to turn 100 cans into a designer plate

In these times of un-sustainable consumption, who will be the Wall-e of this millennium? Just like the gentle, hard-working little robot, who will manage to unearth fragments of poetry, life and imagination amongst refuses that we are continuously producing? Using sparkling creative energy, Regenesi is trying to do it, as the first company in post-consumer design. In other words, how do you turn 100 cans into a very elegant plate or how do you fold regenerated leather like origami to produce a tasteful basket for waste paper and create little pieces of poetry, of beauty, style and practicality, out of every sort of scrap and waste. These objects of desire represent a new, viable and recyclable idea of luxury, created with the help of designers of international fame such as Denis Santachiara, matali crasset, Setsu e Shinobu Ito, Giulio Iacchetti and Marco Ferreri in re-using post-consumer materials. In business since March 2009, Regenesi is the first concern in the design and fashion industry to invest 100% in the concept of sustainability. By choice, it uses only post-consumer materials, treated with original processing techniques that ensure quality standards identical to those of virgin raw materials. The range of products goes from furnishing complements to fashion accessories and is for sale exclusively online at www.regenesi.com.