Bontoni Bespoke Shoes

Bontoni is a high-end line of bespoke Italian men's shoes. The third generation Italian shoemaking company was formally launched in 2004. Bontoni ready-made shoes are available in the U.S. at BERGDORF GOODMAN MEN, WILKES BASHFORD, STANLEY KORSHAK, LAWRENCE COVELL and MARIO'S to name a few. In Italy, shoes are sold directly to customers (made-to-measure) rather than through retailers. The ready-made shoes cost between $1,150 and $2,500 a pair depending upon the construction. The bespoke shoes start at $4,500 and can go up to $12,000.

In their five-person bottega in Montegranaro, Marche, Bontoni hand-crafts fewer than 10 pairs a day. Each ready-made pair is hand colored and takes about 13 weeks to complete. The shoes draw a lot of our inspiration from Italy's iconic 1950's jet-set era. They are distinguished both by their timeless Italian elegance, innovative styling and unique hand painted colorings.