Art in enamel with Jaeger-LeCoultre: World exclusive personalization

In an unprecedented challenge, Jaeger-LeCoultre has made in enamel one of the most exclusive piece of art on the case of a Reverso watch, which can be worn on the owner wrist as part of a watch!! The swivel case of the reverso allowed its owner to decorate it and gives him the absolute assurance of possessing the most complete artistically decorated work one could imagine.

A private British art collector who owns an incredibly valuable Lord Leighton original oil painting called ‘Pavonia’ wanted to personalize his Jaeger-LeCoultre reverso watch. This piece of art, one of his most precious paintings, as part of his private collection, is rarely seen in public. (The last time was at the Royal Academy in celebration of Lord Leighton’s work over a decade ago.) He asked to the Manufacture if it was possible to have a duplicate of the painting recreated on the case of his favorite watch with an Enamel.

This is an incredibly challenging task with only a handful of artisans in the world being able to create such a feat. It took 120 hours for our master enamellers to complete it. In order to celebrate this truly unique item’s arrival the new owner has agreed to let exhibit both the watch and the original Painting in the George Tarratt show room in Leicester for one week in June.

With his enamel’s specialists, Jaeger-LeCoultre is nowadays one of the rare watches
Manufacture to offer one of the oldest techniques applied to watch decoration.